How to Parry in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown has a ton of mechanics that players need to learn and master in order to ensure smooth progression. Players will have to keep an eye on all the in-game tutorials to understand how each mechanic works. One of the most important things in The Lost Crown is the parrying system.

When players start their adventure, they take control of Sargon, after which they are immediately thrown onto the battlefield to fight enemies. While it is possible to keep attacking a single enemy to prevent them from moving, it is not the best strategy when outnumbered. This is where parrying comes in.


Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Could Be Just What the Franchise Needed

The Prince of Persia franchise has been dormant for a while now, but the upcoming Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown could be exactly what it needs.

How To Parry Attacks In The Lost Crown

Players can parry incoming attacks in The Lost Crown by pressing the L2/LT/ZL button just before they are about to connect. If you press the button too early or too late, Sargon will take damage. So, it is absolutely important to time the parry right. Parrying attacks has a ton of advantages. Firstly, it prevents Sargon from losing health. Secondly, it breaks the enemy’s momentum and sometimes even stuns them temporarily. Finally, it gives players a window of opportunity to unleash a barrage of attacks.

Depending on the difficulty that players choose before starting the game, they may or may not have a torrid time mastering the art of parrying. This is because, with higher difficulties, parrying becomes harder to perform. So, there is a low chance of successfully parrying an attack. Therefore, it is better to choose the easier difficulties. If players want to keep the big parry window but also want to fight tough enemies, they can customize their own difficulties.

How To Use Vengeful Counters in The Lost Crown

Vengeful Counters are different from regular parry, as these counters only appear at certain times. The opportunities for Vengeful Counters are denoted by yellow flashing eyes. Whenever an enemy has yellow eyes, players can use Vengeful Counter.

The good thing about the Vengeful Counters is that they can be used against mobs and bosses. This becomes clear when players fight the Kushan general, who presents an opportunity for Vengeful Counter after his health falls below a certain point.

If executed successfully, Vengeful Counters wipe off a significant portion of the boss’s health. Using it against mobs means an instant kill. The procedure for using a Vengeful Counter is the same as a regular parry. Press the L2/LT/ZL button when an enemy with yellow eyes moves in for an attack.

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