How To Open Adeptus’s Repose Green Barrier (When Comes Spring or Autumn Achievement)

Players will visit the Adeptus’s Repose in Genshin Impact when they’re trying to discover some goldfish to help Fujin restore her power. While exploring the small cave, it’s easy to notice a green barrier that blocks Genshin Impact Travelers from a mesmerizing Luxurious Chest.

Fortunately, throughout the cave, there are a few hints on how to open Adeptus’s Repose green barrier in Genshin Impact. However, despite the requirement being rather easy, completing the quest related to this requirement can be quite a chore.


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How To Open Adeptus’s Repose Green Barrier In Genshin Impact

get ancient tree branch for adeptus repose green door in genshin impact

To open the green barrier in Adeptus’s Repose in Genshin Impact, players must complete the Silently the Butterfly Crosses the Valley quest. Get the Ancient Tree Branch, then head back to Adeptus’s Repose to use it.

how to use ancient tree branch in genshin impact

Place the Ancient Tree Branch in the Medicine Jar, and players will unlock the green barrier in Adeptus’s Repose. Head inside to find one Common Chest and one Luxurious Chest in Genshin Impact, then read all the Ancient Texts in the bookcase to complete the quest and get the When Comes Spring Or Autumn? Achievement. The Common Chest is hidden behind a tall stone, so it’s easy to miss it.

dig simulacra treasure adeptus repose in genshin impact

Afterward, don’t forget to take the Sacred Simulacrum from the area and place it on the pedestal inside the hidden vault. By doing so, the stone statue will tell you about the treasure it buries in the corner of the flower field.

Exit the now-unlocked room and head to the corner of the flower field to find an option to Dig. Use the button to reveal two Mora Chests, each containing 10k Mora inside it.

Hints To Open Adeptus’s Repose Green Barrier In Genshin Impact

green butterfly location silently butterfly cross the valley in genshin impact

There are plenty of hints in the Adeptus’s Repose regarding what players need to do to remove the green barrier. First, in Adeptus’s Notes (I), it’s said that she connected the door-opening mechanism with the jar the branch is planted in. This refers to the Medicine Jar and how players must plant the Ancient Tree Branch inside it.

Next, in the Ancient Notes near the pool, it says, go west and behold Lingshu Courtyard, which means Travelers simply need to head west from the cave and find a place called Lingshu Courtyard. This is where you’ll trigger the Silently the Butterfly Crosses the Valley quest in Genshin Impact.

Once the green door is unlocked, players will get to read more of the Herblord’s notes regarding her friends, Fujin and Lingyuan. Fujin is described as a fish, whereas Lingyun is a beast. The text is quite wholesome and worth reading, for those who enjoy Genshin Impact lores.

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