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Our guide covers how you can obtain the Sakura Stand Acerola Spec, also known as “Rukia”. We cover the best ways to obtain the new currency, Snowflakes and what the Acerola spec is capable of! Consider this walkthrough a complete guide and showcase!

Sakura Stand is a Roblox game based on the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure franchise. The game itself focuses on farming simulator gameplay, as well as throwing in exciting combat! This version of Sakura Stand is a complete remake of the previous game, with even better features. At the moment, the game is playable, but still in development – and there’s only one main developer!

You can learn more about it on the game’s official Roblox page. We also have a Sakura Stand Codes – New Codes guide, and a Sakura Stand Astolfo Guide – How to Obtain and More guide.

Sakura Stand Acerola Spec

So now let’s get into the guide, we will split this part into sections for clarity so you can skip to the exact part you need.

XMAS Update – Snowflakes

I know what you’re thinking. Christmas is far gone, and you’re right. But with this wintery update came the new loot to obtain from Titles, Specs, Death Animations and Skins. These can all be obtained using the new limited-time currency called Snowflakes. Players can get Snowflakes using a few different methods. Once enough currency is built, players can visit the event NPC, Sion to exchange the Snowflakes.

  • Boxes – (1-5)
  • Chests – (10-15)
  • Cyber Boxes – (10-35)
  • 1V1 – (10-20)
  • Ranked 1V1 – (20-40)
  • Bosses – (35-50)
  • Curses – depends on grade

Acerola Spec – Rukia

Once you have grinded for Snowflakes you should be able to obtain the Acerola Spec. This spec is one of two big prizes to obtain, the second being Ice Reaper which can be bought in exchange for 4,500 Snowflakes. The Acerola Spec will cost you just below that at 3,500 Snowflakes.


  • M1: Slash Combo – Consecutive slashes are fired off at a target dealing DMG with each swipe.
  • Q: Chilling Flourish – Slashing the blade four times will damage each hit, this move then traps the enemy in a layer of ice and stuns them briefly.
  • E: Byakurai – This move makes the player point at the enemy before firing off a bolt of lightning which stuns and hurts the target.
  • R: Glacier Burst – After swiping the sword in the direction of the enemy, a glacier bursts over them dealing DMG.
  • T: Glacial Coasting – After plunging the blade into the ground, glaciers sprout in the direction of the attack freezing and stunning them momentarily.
  • H: First Dance – Using the blade you draw a circle in a slashing motion before lunging forward to deal DMG.
  • G: Bankai [Hakka no Togame] – Transform into the noble ice form and deal a Bankai slash attack dealing heavy assault DMG before transforming back to normal.
  • C: Flash Step – Perform a small dash forward to close in on enemies or escape them.
  • P: Pose – This one is simple! You pull a signature pose.