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You should focus on obtaining Anime RNG Grimoires as soon as possible if you’re new to the game! They give luck boosts and even decrease the cooldown time between rolls.

Start rolling in Anime RNG via the game’s Roblox page! There’s a certain Roblox game that’s pretty similar to this one, and you may already know of it. If so, then check out our Sol’s RNG Biomes guide, our Starfall Sol’s RNG guide, and our Sol’s RNG Tier List.

Anime RNG Grimoires

To find the obtainable grimoires, you need to head to the wizard’s tower. Inside this building, you can find the wizard NPC and walls full of books! Interacting with the wizard NPC opens up a new window where you can purchase new grimoires.

There are currently 4 grimoires to collect in Anime RNG:

  • Earth Grimoire
  • Fire Grimoire
    • -5% cooldown time for rolls
    • +15% luck boost
  • Water Grimoire
    • -10% cooldown time for rolls
    • +25% luck boost
  • Dark Grimoire
    • -20% cooldown time for rolls
    • +50% luck boost

From the list above, it’s clear to see that the Dark Grimoire is the best to obtain right now, with a massive 50% luck boost. This is the most difficult grimoire to collect though, so you should aim to go for the Earth and Fire grimoires at first!

How to Obtain Grimoires

To unlock and purchase each grimoire, you need to have a specific type of essence in your inventory. This essence can be crafted at Kame’s Workshop in return for providing certain units and Spiritual Energy.

Crafting Essence

Here’s how to craft each type of essence! Spiritual Energy is required when crafting essence, which can be obtained by collecting 1 Jankenpon Hunter, 1 Straw Hat, 1 Leaf Ninja, and 1 Attack Titan.

Earth Essence
  • 2 Spiritual Energy
  • 2 Crystallion (1 in 3,500)
Fire Essence
  • 2 Spiritual Energy
  • 1 Flarefist
Water Essence
  • 3 Spiritual Energy
  • 1 Water Queen
Dark Essence
  • 3 Spiritual Energy
  • 1 Darkness Guy
  • 2 Fire Demon (1 in 1,000)