How To Make French Macarons

Disney Dreamlight Valley includes several Macaron recipes in its roster of mouth-watering desserts, from chocolate to spicy and beyond. French Macarons are another Macaron dish to add to your cookbook as part of the Eternity Isle recipe collection from the A Rift in Time update. While you might guess their ingredients if you’ve cooked other varieties before, you might also wonder how to make French Macarons, with so many ingredients available in Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s ever-growing delightful meals.


Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Make Vanilla Macarons

Learn where to find the ingredients for this delicious three-star dessert in Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time.

French Macarons are also a two-star Disney Dreamlight Valley recipe that is very straightforward to make, requiring just a couple of ingredients, so it can be helpful when ticking off Dreamlight tasks or relevant Star Path. While not the most brightly colored dish, they’re still pretty charming.

How To Make French Macarons In Disney Dreamlight Valley

disney dreamlight valley how to make french macarons

To make French Macarons in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll need just two ingredients, plus access to A Rift in Time:

Combining these kitchen staples creates a set of six pale, golden-colored French Macarons which typically have a vanilla flavor in real life. If you decide they look too good to give to anyone else, you can get them to restore 1,461 energy. Alternatively, if you decide to sell the dish at Goofy’s Stall, it sells for 340 Gold Star Coins. That’s pretty small change compared to other dishes but still a fairly decent amount considering the recipe only requires a couple of basic ingredients.


Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Make Spicy Macarons

Spicy Macarons is a three-star dessert recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Here’s how to make it.

Macarons Ingredients In Disney Dreamlight Valley

disney dreamlight valley french macarons ingredients

You’ll need the following ingredients from the Plaza and Eternity Isle to make Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s Macarons:


You can buy eggs from the Chez Remy’s Restaurant shop in the Plaza for 220 Gold Star Coins each. This gives you a pack of six eggs, but there’s no way of splitting them individually, plus there’s no need to. You can simply add one pack to the cooking pot. It’s always worth stocking up on eggs if you have the Gold Star Coins to spare, as they are found in many Disney Dreamlight Valley cooking recipes, especially other kinds of cakes, biscuits, and desserts.

Disney dreamlight valley how to get eggs


To get almonds, you’ll need to grab them from certain trees growing in Eternity Isle. Specifically, you can find almonds growing in Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s Wild Tangle Biome in the Grasslands, Grove, Lagoon, and Promenade. You also only need to add one cup of almonds to the cooking pot when making French Macarons, and there’s usually plenty to harvest for future batches.

Almonds are also handy for other Disney Dreamlight Valley Macaron recipes, as well as other dishes in the Eternity Isle collection, such as Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s Roasted Almonds.


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December 5, 2023

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