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My guide does what it says on the tin! This is How To Level Up Fast In Omini X. If you’re struggling for levels, or not making progress fast enough then this guide is for you!

There is more to the game than levelling up, but doing so allows you to make progress much easier. Levelling up boosts your overall player stats from health to base strength. Much needed when facing other players and bosses! Plus, some kit requires a minimum level to obtain it such as the Excalibur sword. So, let’s get into how to level up quickly!

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How To Level Up Fast In Omini X

There are two solid methods for level grinding within Omini X. One method is cheesed and significantly easier than the other whereas the other is a touch more involved. These two methods are great for any type of player whether you are actively playing the game, or want to idle grind.

Alien AFK Route

Sadly despite the name, you cannot fully commit to being AFK for this method, but you can be lenient. This level grinding route is as simple as turning into an Alien and laying dormant. Regardless of if you’re moving around playing, or standing completely still, the game will slowly generate levels. When you transform into an Alien, a timer automatically sets for 2 minutes before you de-transform. This isn’t the only timing issue as Roblox will auto-kick players for inactivity after 20 minutes.

  • Every 20 minutes you can gain 10 levels
  • Alien attacks do not impact the growth meter speed
  • New Aliens are available every 10 levels
  • Be sure to /save to hold your progress

Joining Raids

The more hands-on approach is to join Raids for levels. Raids offer one level per wave, making each raid worth 3 levels in total. Die during a wave, however, and you will lose between 3/5 levels making them a riskier levelling method. To avoid this happening, always do the /save command before starting each raid!