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Not sure how to leave a Type Soul Division? It’s not as obvious as you’d think. You have to look for a specific NPC in Soul Society! Read on to find out where to find him, and which Division I recommend!

Haven’t joined a Division yet? Dive into Type Soul now by visiting the game’s Roblox page! Or, you can use our How to Join a Division in Type Soul guide to help you out.

How to Leave a Type Soul Division

Joined a division but not too happy with it? There are 13 Divisions to join in total, and each has different missions that reward you with Division EXP. Depending on the type of mission you prefer, you can choose a Division that matches your playstyle best. However, it’s not uncommon to want to leave a Division!

This is either from getting bored of the same quest or you’ve decided that another seems better. Most players recommend joining Division 5, as the mission spawns in Hollows, which can contribute to a variety of requirements. Read our Type Soul Arrancar Progression guide to learn more about being a Hollow!

Leaving a Division

You need to be in Soul Society, to begin with! While in Soul Society, you’ll spot the two opposing entrances – one being green and the other orange. Walk to the end of the wall, and follow the path on the orange side. Make your way towards the giant entryway with some steps – the entryway has a platform at the top that’s fenced off!

At the top of the steps, you’ll find an NPC called Khaotxc. If you’re in the right place, these steps should lead to the large open area with bamboo shoots. Interact with him, and a dialogue box will pop up that reads “Would you like to leave your Division?”. Select ‘Yes’ to leave! After that, you can then join a new Division.