How to Learn Spells From Scrolls

Characters can learn spells from scrolls in Baldur’s Gate 3. Use this to round out your spellbook with any you may have missed.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is the long-awaited third installment in the Baldur’s Gate franchise. The game draws heavily on Dungeons & Dragons lore and world to bring the tabletop experience to console and PC gamers alike. This means there are a lot of deep mechanics and ways to interact with the world that aren’t necessarily covered in the tutorials.

Certain classes can learn new spells as the character levels up. Everyone has limited spell slots, and certain spells are restricted to specific classes. However, wizards can also learn new spells by transcribing any spell scrolls they have found. These scrolls are single-use items that allow any character to cast its spell. Don’t pick them up and waste them when you can give your wizard that spell you missed out on. Transcribing spell scrolls can turn your wizard into a well-rounded warrior. Here is how to learn spells from scrolls in Baldur’s Gate 3.


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Open the Spellbook


You will need to open the Spellbook to manage your character’s spells. Press K on your keyboard to open it on PC. Open the radial menu on the console version by pressing the right trigger and selecting it.


This is where you can prepare spells before using them in the field. A Wizard character will learn many spells throughout the game, but there is a limited set of slots to equip them. Choose wisely before heading into battle. You can prepare spells anytime you want if you are not in combat.


On this screen, press on the “learn more spells” option. This will be the Triangle/Y button on the PS5 and Xbox versions of the game. A list of all available spell scrolls will appear. The number on the right is the cost of transcribing that particular spell. It costs party gold for every spell transcribed. The higher the spell’s level, the higher the cost will be. Confirm on the scroll you want, and your Wizard will learn it. The scroll is not destroyed, and can still be used later by any character.


A Wizard can only learn spells that are at the current level they can cast. The level of spells that Wizards can use will increase as they level up. Spell scrolls will have spell levels indicating how strong they are. Keep this in mind and hang onto high-level spell scrolls, so you can apply them later while filling out your Wizard’s arsenal.


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