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The obvious answer is potions of course, but I know that isn’t what you’re here for. My How To Heal In Arksworth In Tales Of Tanorio guide tells you where the health centre is located. Spoiler: this elusive building is hiding in plain sight!

Health Centres are the pillars of any creature battle game since you’d have a hard time lasting in the wild without them. These buildings offer sanctuary for you and your Tanorians, putting your team back to full health, and for free! What’s more, you can purchase stock items to aid in your adventure. So if you need some Tanocans, Health Potions, or a free healing session in Arksworth then read on!

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How To Heal In Arksworth In Tales Of Tanorio

Let’s begin with where Arksworth is. Arksworth is a town nestled on Route 3 and is known for its museum on Tanorian Natural History. The museum hosts a few surprise combats which will leave you and your party fairly spent. After the battle, you’d most likely be ready to check into a Tanostation.

Taking a step back, Arksworth is also the first town you find after Tanuku Village, so you may have found the Route 2 healing station already. This facility doesn’t offer you as much as a Tanostation, but it does make for a welcomed pitstop point.

Arksworth Tanostation Location

You’ve made it this far, just a little further until your next Tanostation.

  • Head over the bridge within Arksworth towards the square.
  • From the square, take a left heading toward the Museum.
  • Another left (when you’re at the Museum that is).
  • The building which vaguely looks like a Tanocan is the Tanostation within this village!
  • Head inside to heal your Tanorians and stop by the shops.