How to Heal and Revive Teammates in Content Warning

Content Warning is a fairly dark, co-op horror game where you and your friends play as horror content creators who film spine-chilling videos and upload them to an exclusive platform, SpookTube. While you’re deep within the Old World filming new content, terrifying creatures with unknown motives stalk you, patiently waiting for the right moment to attack.

Getting out of a monster’s grasp is not always easy and you or your teammates may get hurt or even die. While chaos, destruction, and death definitely lead to more views, you cannot go viral if the whole team dies. Thankfully, Content Warning lets you heal and even revive your fallen teammates.


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How to Heal in Content Warning

how to heal in content warning

While Content Warning doesn’t feature traditional health kits or healing items you may find in most games, there is a unique item called the Hugger that can help you heal. The Hugger is a unique medical item that allows you to hug your friends to restore their HP. It is the only way to heal your teammates in Content Warning.

The Hugger costs $100 and can be purchased from the Medical tab in the Order Terminal. Once purchased, you will get access to a Hugger manual. By equipping this manual, you can hug players using the left mouse button. The healing is slow, so you’ll have to find a safe spot to heal your teammates.

The Hugger cannot heal themselves and will need to drop the manual by pressing Q so that someone else can pick it up and heal them.

How to Revive Teammates in Content Warning

Content Warning: characters

If your teammate gets killed by a monster while shooting content, you can bring them back to life by using a Defibrillator. The Defibrillator is another medical item that allows you to revive fallen teammates – if you manage to find their bodies.

The Defibrillator is a bit pricey compared to the Hugger, costing $300. As such, you may need to save up money, especially if you’re trying to buy the Defibrillator in the first few days of the game. Nonetheless, the Defibrillator is an absolute must-have when you’re out filming creepy content in the Old World.

You can grab tons of extra views and generate additional income if you have someone film you using the Defibrillator on a fallen teammate and shocking them back to life.

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Content Warning

April 1, 2024

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