How to Get Yen Fast in Grimoires Era

Yen is incredibly important in Grimoires Era, as it allows you to purchase new abilities such as flying, Mana Light, and Mana Sense. It’s also crucial for acquiring Grimoire Spins. But what’s the fastest way to get Yen? We’ve got you covered with the best strategy.

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Grimoires Era Yen Farming Guide

The quickest way to accumulate Yen in Grimoires Era is by tackling the Collect Vegetables quest from Popo, located just outside the village. This quest, which involves gathering 30 vegetables, rewards you with 500 Yen each time you complete it. Although this task does not offer any experience points, its efficiency outweighs that of even the highest-level quests in the game.

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To find Popo, from spawn, head straight ahead and keep walking. You’ll eventually come to a man in a stall with a yellow yen sign above his head. This is where you can find the Collect Vegetables quest and the farm directly behind the stall.

Grimoires Era Equipping My Hoe To The Hotbar
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To successfully tackle this quest, first, equip your Hoe to your hotbar and select it for use. Proceed to the farm soil located just behind Popo’s stall and target the vegetables on the ground. Ensure you are facing the vegetables and within a reasonable distance to automatically hit them when you swing the hoe. Although these vegetables are somewhat small and not immediately noticeable, they respawn rapidly, allowing you to farm the same six vegetables repeatedly until you have 30.

Grimoires Era Farming Vegetables
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After collecting them, return to the NPC to complete and reaccept the quest, rinse, and repeat, and before you know it, you’ll have accumulated enough Yen to unlock abilities like flying and Mana Sense.

For example, the highest quest available tasks you with defeating the Exiled Magic Knight Captain, a formidable Level 450 boss. Completing this challenge nets you 600 Yen along with 80,000 EXP. While the reward comes with a boatload of EXP, the yen is less.

Grimoires Era Exiled Magic Knight Captain Quest
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Moreover, the vegetables required for Popo’s quest respawn quickly, making it a straightforward and repeatable task. Unlike boss battles, where you might find yourself waiting for respawns or hopping between servers in the hopes of finding a boss not recently killed, the Collect Vegetables quest offers a constant and reliable source of Yen.

By repeatedly completing this quest, you can quickly gather enough Yen for various abilities and upgrades:

  • Just a couple of completions, and you’ll have enough for Mana Light.
  • Four rounds of the quest will teach you how to fly.
  • After ten rounds, you’ll have amassed enough for Mana Sense.
  • If you’re aiming for Grimoire Spins, doing this quest about fifty times will earn you enough to pay Jack for 10 Grimoire Spins.