How to Get Wish Balls 1-7 (Dragon Balls) in Anime Last Stand

Image: TrickyRBLX

In Anime Last Stand, obtaining Wish Balls 1-7, also known as the Dragon Balls, is crucial for evolving certain units like Fused Warrior and The Trio. But how do you obtain these legendary Wish Balls in update 4 of Anime Last Stand called Fusion? We’ve got you covered!

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Anime Last Stand Wish Balls – How to Get Dragon Balls 1-7

To get Wish Balls 1-7 in Anime Last Stand, players must complete a specific story mode mission, Act 6 on Namek, but on Nightmare difficulty. When attempting Act 6 on Namek, players have a 7% chance to obtain a single Wish Ball upon successful completion.

However, it’s important to note that acquiring all seven Wish Balls requires repeated playthroughs of this challenging mission due to the 7% drop rate. Moreover, there is a possibility of receiving duplicate Wish Balls along the way, as two units need these items to evolve them, Fused Warrior and The Trio.

As of now, the only known method of obtaining Wish Balls 1-7 is by conquering Act 6 on Namek. It’s essential to highlight that alternative methods such as codes or challenge modes do not provide access to these sought-after items.

Players aiming to evolve Fused Warrior and The Trio must focus on mastering Act 6 on Namek in Anime Last Stand to secure the required Wish Balls. Despite the daunting 7% drop rate and the need for multiple playthroughs, this remains the sole pathway to obtaining these valuable Dragon Balls.