How to Get & Use Mastery Points In Stardew Valley

The newest update of Stardew Valley, 1.6, has introduced a lot of new features to add depth to the gameplay. One of those is the Mastery system, which can be unlocked once you’ve maxed out all of these skills: Fishing, Combat, Farming, Mining, and Foraging.

Previously, players couldn’t get extra points upon maxing all their skills. However, ConcernedApe has now introduced a Mastery system which allows you to convert surplus EXP into Mastery Points, and with these points you can earn valuable rewards by redeeming them. This guide will shed light on getting and using Mastery Points in Stardew Valley.


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How to Get Mastery Points in Stardew Valley

To gain access to Mastery points, your first step is to max out all five skills, which include Fishing, Farming, Foraging, Combat, and Mining. Progress through each skill by accumulating experience points until you’ve reached the maximum level. Once you’ve done so, you will observe the Mastery point bar below these mentioned skills in the Skills tab.

After unlocking the Mastery point bar in your profile tab, the next step is to fill it out by gaining experience points. There are a couple of ways to do this. Firstly, you can continue to gain experience in your already maxed-out skills. Additionally, you can also acquire experience points by reading skill books.

Reading Skill books is a quicker and more efficient way of acquiring Mastery points. However, obtaining more Skill books may require you to wait for the Bookseller to appear in the valley, as they are the ones who sell these valuable items.

Fortunately, you won’t waste any extra effort once you’ve reached the maximum level in your skills. In the past, any surplus experience points were essentially lost. However, thanks to the new Mastery System, these surplus points are now saved.

How to Find Mastery Cave

To use your Mastery Point, you must visit a secret cave located north of the sewers of Cindersap Forest. You can locate it by heading south of Leah’s house until you see a door present inside a hill. Nevertheless, you must max out all the five skills mentioned above to open the door.

Once you have done that, get inside the room. You will see all the exclusive rewards you can obtain in exchange for Mastery points. However, remember that you can only get one reward for each mastery level, so choose wisely.

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