How to Get Tomato Seeds

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As you start to plant seeds and grow plantations in Palworld, you’ll be able to start building up more profitable seeds over time. You’ll begin with Berry Seeds, Wheat Seeds, and even Lettuce Seeds, before you are able to start planting Tomato Seeds, the most cost-effective and useful of all.

There are a few different sources from which you can obtain Tomato Seeds, with most options coming from Pals in the wild. Adding these seeds and having your Pals harvest them on the daily can be a great option to feed yourself and your Pals, as well as create new recipes. Here’s how to get some Tomato Seeds.


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How to Get Tomato Seeds in Palworld

Image of some Tomato Seeds in a player's inventory in Palworld

Tomato Seeds are a resource that you’ll begin to pick up towards the middle of Palworld, and can only be sourced from a few different Pals. You can choose to either catch these Pals, or defeat them, to get some Tomato Seeds in return. Here are all the Pals that will drop the resource:

  • Broncherry
  • Dinossom Lux
  • Mossanda
  • Vaelet
  • Wumpo Botan

Of the five Pals that can drop Tomato Seeds, Dinossom Lux is the only one that drops only Tomato Seeds instead of any other item. However, of all the available Pals, the easiest one to find is Mossanda, which you can locate near the Sealed Realm of the Guardian, shown in the two images above.

We also have a guide to help you locate Broncherry, which can drop both Tomato Seeds and Broncherry Meat. If you want to make the trek to search for Dinossom Lux, you can find them in the northern region of the Dessicated Desert.

Once you have Tomato Seeds in your inventory, you can begin planting them when you unlock the Tomato Plantation in the Technology tab, under Level 32. It will cost 2 Technology Points in total. It will take a while to reach this level, but you can check out our guide to more quickly raise your Player Level. The Tomato Plantation will then allow you to plant your Tomato Seeds, and have your Pals harvest and grow them.


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How to Use Tomato Seeds in Palworld

Image of the Tomato Plantation available in the Technology tab in Palworld

Of course, Tomato Seeds are going to be used in the Tomato Plantation to grow Tomatoes as we noted before. But, what exactly can you do with the Tomatoes once they’ve been harvested?

While we have not successfully reached Level 32 to create our own Tomato Plantation, Tomatoes are most likely to be used in recipes to create dishes that can recover health and possibly boost some of your Pals’ abilities.

If you are wondering what ingredients will be required of you to create a Tomato Plantation, here’s everything you’ll need:



January 19, 2024

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