How to Get The Supremacy

Destiny 2 was first released back in 2017. In spite of the fact that the first couple of years worth of content have long since been removed for the game, there is a staggering amount of weapons for players to chase. Some older weapons were left in the dust, as they could not compete with the significantly better perks offered by newer weapons. That is why Bungie has gradually been refreshing weapons from older endgame activities.

In Season 21, Bungie gave the weapons from the Last Wish raid some much-needed love and attention. Not only did these weapons get an Origin trait of their own, but they also got perks that made them more competitive with other raid weapons. One such weapon that has improved perks is The Supremacy, a kinetic Sniper Rifle.


Destiny 2: Adhortative God Rolls Guide

The reprised Adhortative in Destiny 2 Season of the Wish has a couple of interesting god rolls for players looking for a good Solar Pulse Rifle.

How to Get The Supremacy


If you don’t raid, you may be tempted to just ignore the entire loot table of Last Wish. Fortunately, Last Wish was unique in that all weapons and armor (excluding the Exotic) can be acquired solo without even doing the raid. The reason for this is because of the Wall of Wishes, which is a hidden area near the start of the raid. Go to this location and shoot the circles until the pattern matches the image above. Once this is done, step on the circle, and it will transport you further into the raid just before the second boss encounter.


Turn around and jump up the rocks towards the bridge. Walk along this bridge and jump up onto the pillar with grass on the left.


From here, you will be able to see a dead tree sticking out on a column further ahead. Make your way towards this location and then jump down onto the rock ledge to find a chest. The contents of the chest will be random, but players can get any weapon or armor from Last Wish in this chest. This chest can be looted once a week.

What Are the God Rolls for The Supremacy?


The Supremacy has a unique set of perks it can roll with. Many are incredibly useful, but some are useless. If you get The Supremacy, and it has Genesis, feel free to delete it as this perk doesn’t work as intended on a kinetic weapon.

For PvE, you will want to look for Keep Away or Rewind Rounds followed by Fourth Time’s the Charm or Bait and Switch. Some other great options are Kinetic Tremors or Vorpal Weapon. The PvP perks aren’t as great, but Snapshot Sighs and Opening Shot can make The Supremacy viable for PvP. The Supremacy can be crafted once players have unlocked the pattern for it.

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