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Want to wield a Shadovia Reaper Scythe on the battlefield? Use this guide to help you with the process. It may take some time to get all of the materials that you need, but it’s worth it! It’s gonna take a lot of farming and fighting, so be prepared.

Shadovia is a Roblox RPG through and through. You’ve got a variety of weapons to unlock and utilise in combat, as well as a ton of builds to experiment with. Fancy sticking to melee abilities? Sorted. Prefer to be a mage? Also sorted. Battle against challenging bosses and collect loot to progress through your adventure. Don’t forget to pick up resources along the way, which can be used to craft upgraded gear for your character!

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How to Get the Shadovia Reaper Scythe

The best way to get a standard Scythe in Shadovia is by fusing one by using 2 weapons (I recommend using 2 Mythic weapons). This standard Scythe can then be used to craft a Reaper Scythe once you have the required resources.

The next item you need is an urn, which has a chance to drop when you defeat the Chancellor Ama boss. This boss can be summoned by using Abyssal Conduits!

Abyssal Conduits

  • Head to Vampire Town
  • Once you’re there, head down to the tower and walk through a gate to the Vampire Castle
  • Go upstairs to find the NPC, Ghoulsford – you can purchase Abyssal Conduits from him during the nighttime in-game!
    • You can also craft Abyssal Conduits by using the recipe in the Crafting window


  • Defeat the Stone Golems to farm Stone Vigils – these are then used to summon the Giga Golem boss
  • Summon the Giga Golem Boss – you’ll have to farm this boss fight!
    • Each gem has a drop rate chance