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Wondering how to get the Shadovia Divine Katana? This guide’s for you! You’ll find step-by-step instructions below to help you find the more pesky resources, as well as some tips and tricks on how to find the other materials that you’ll need.

Shadovia is a Roblox RPG through and through. You’ve got a variety of weapons to unlock and utilise in combat, as well as a ton of builds to experiment with. Fancy sticking to melee abilities? Sorted. Prefer to be a mage? Also sorted. Battle against challenging bosses and collect loot to progress through your adventure. Don’t forget to pick up resources along the way, which can be used to craft upgraded gear for your character!

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How to Get the Shadovia Divine Katana

To obtain the Divine Katana in Shadovia, you need to craft it! This will admittedly take some time, as it requires a bit of grinding and foraging to do so. No worries though, as this guide breaks down every step to help you get the Ultimate weapon. You need to craft every type of katana in Shadovia before you can obtain the Divine Katana.

Keep in mind that most of the potions that you need can easily be crafted after foraging for resources. While in-game, you can search the potions in the Crafting window to see what you need for the recipe. However, there is a certain potion that isn’t as easy to get.

The rest of the items can be obtained by defeating enemies and bosses, such as the gems. Focus on beating Stone Golems to obtain Stone Sigils, which can then be used to summon the Giga Golem boss! This boss has a chance to drop all of the required gems.

Obtaining the Steel Katana and Love Ninja Potion

  • Teleport to the Elf Shrine via your World Map
  • When you spawn in, start to head in the direction behind the teleportation structure
  • Keep heading this way until you see a sandy area in the distance from the cliff edge
  • Go to the sandy area to find the Ninja Dojo! (if you’ve got a mount, you can easily drop from the cliff edge)
  • Defeat the ninjas outside of the dojo and head inside
  • Summon a wave of ninjas and defeat them until a chest drops
  • The Steel Katana and Love Nina Potion both have a drop rate chance to appear in the chests, if not, you’ll have to redo the fight again!