December 4, 2023

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You are tasked with getting a ledger from a gang leader in Back to the Dawn. You are told to do this before lunchtime happens, but in reality, you have to wait until Dinner because there will be too many people around otherwise.

If you need more help in Back to the Dawn, we have guides on whether you should give Bruce the real or fake ledger or if you should call Maggie. Due to the limited amount of information provided by the game, we’re here to help. We’ll explain how to get that ledger below.

How Do You Find the Real Ledger for Captian Bruce in Back to the Dawn?

To get the real ledger for Bruce in Back to the Dawn, you’ll have to make sure to do all of the preparation before lunch instead of trying to take it in that time. This way you can do it the same day and meet with your lawyer the next day.

Use the time before lunch to befriend Hakuna and Eddie. These two just require two focus points since they just want to talk to you. From there, make sure to trade with them, you’ll need two paperclips (Eddie) and two nails (Hakuna).

If you worked two shifts at the laundry, you’ll have more than enough after your phone calls. When you are done with them, go back to your cell and craft a lockpick. Go through lunch and rec time as you normally would. When it comes time for Dinner, go to the cell and no one will be around to stop you.

Search the cell and then pick the lock of the box in the cell. You will get your ledger and can take it to Bruce in the main lobby. This way, you wouldn’t have unnecessarily wasted any time too, so it’s the best way to do it if you want to give up the real ledger.

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