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Want to unlock the Legacy Piece Haki scroll? Haki Island is the place to be! Use this guide as a walkthrough, with the Haki trainer NPC location noted down below, and how to complete his quest.

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How to Get the Legacy Piece Haki Scroll

You need to make your way to Haki Island first! This island is located to the South of Fusha Island, which is the first island you spawn in at the start of the game. I recommend getting up to around level 10 or 15 before you make your way to Haki Island, just so you’re more to grips with how the game works. Work through the quests scattered around Fusha island, including the side quests! The Higuma the Bandit boss is also located here.

Hop on a boat and sail to the South until you come across Haki Island! With this being the start of the game, if you haven’t progressed further than levels 10-15, you’re more than likely going to be using the standard Row Boat or perhaps the Sail Boat.

From Haki Island

Now that you’re on Haki Island, it’s time to search for the Ex-Shogun Daichi NPC (the Haki trainer!). He’s found at the top of the tall rock, close to a campsite and a hut. There’s a ladder at the front of this rock formation, which you can easily climb up.

Daichi asks you to look for a scroll, which you now need to go searching for. As you make your way back down from the rock, head to the right. You’ll spot a patch of sand with a tree, which is where the scroll is located. The scroll is on the ground behind the tree, and all you have to do is pick it up and take it back to the Daichi NPC.

The Haki trainer will then request you to defeat 2 monsters that are prowling below on the grass – the gorilla and the lion! After beating these 2 enemies, you can head back to Daichi, who will then give you your Haki. To equip your Haki, hit the tab key on your keyboard.