How to Get the Fox Lamp in Blox Fruits

Image: Gamer Robot Inc

In Blox Fruits, the Kitsune Update has brought forth a new sea event exclusive to Sea 3, and with it, you can claim a few new items. One is the Fox Lamp weapon! To get this weapon, it involves participating in a shrine event that is triggered under certain conditions in the game.

This guide will help players add the Fox Lamp to their arsenal in Blox Fruits, and for those of you who want codes, we recommend using the codes page for the game to get double-exp boosts!

Blox Fruits Fox Lamp Weapon – How to Get

To acquire the Fox Lamp Weapon in Blox Fruits, follow these steps:

  1. Location and Timing: Be in the Question Mark Level 6 Zone when the full moon appears in the game. It’s essential to already be in the zone as the full moon occurs. According to the Blox Fruits Wiki, this could take up to 60-80 minutes.
  2. Shrine Event Activation: When the full moon arrives, the Kitsune shrine will spawn automatically on Kitsune Island.
  3. Interact with the Fox: Talk to the fox at the center of the island to transform the full moon into a Blue Moon, which will cause souls to appear around the island.
  4. Collect Azure Embers: With the moon turned blue, you have around five minutes to collect Azure Embers. Utilize the Buddha transformation or the Mammoth for more efficient collection.
Roblox Blox Fruits Azure Embers
Image: HyperJay06
  1. Gather 20 to 30 Azure Embers: Return to the shrine with your collected Embers. The shrine will consume these Embers and provide a random reward, which can be the Fox Lamp, Kitsune Mask, Kitsune Ribbon, or a title. The required amount of Embers ranges from 20 to 30.
    • The Shrine will let you know if it’s happy with your offering.
      • If it says, “The shrine is pleased with your offering,” then you’ll get a reward.
      • If it says, “The shrine is displeased with your offering,” then you’ll need more Azure Embers.
  2. Repeat the Event: Since the rewards are randomized, you may need to collect more Azure Embers multiple times in this sea event to obtain the Fox Lamp.