How to Get the Forest Sword in Stardew Valley

Starting as a cozy farming simulator, Stardew Valley quickly pivots into an RPG experience, unveiling a nuanced combat mechanic. After encountering the first monster, it’ll become apparent that your trusty pickaxe won’t suffice when venturing into perilous areas of the island. The good news is that the game provides a solution, furnishing you with a dependable weapon: The Forest Sword.

The Forest Sword is a level-3 weapon, delivering moderate damage, and is obtained within dungeons. This guide explains the essential steps required to secure your very own Forest Sword.


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Where to Find a Forest Sword in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Mines

You can get a Forest Sword in The Mines. The two methods for obtaining this weapon are breaking boxes and barrels or killing special monsters. Starting from Floor 20 and extending to Floor 59, there’s a chance for a Forest Sword to spawn each time you break a crate or defeat a creature. However, the drop rate varies based on RNG.

None of the vendors in the game will sell you the Forest Sword. Collecting it from drops is the only way to obtain it.

Forest Sword Drop Rates

Image of a character standing near a Green Slime enemy in the Mines in Stardew Valley

Special Slimes, those with golden stars, have a 1.2% chance of dropping a Forest Sword. For other special monsters, the drop rate is as low as 0.2%. However, boxes and barrels in The Mines after level 20 have a 14% chance of granting you the weapon. Therefore, prioritizing the latter will far more likely yield you the Forest Sword faster.

Forest Sword Stats


In its base configuration, the Forest Sword boasts a damage range of 8-18. It comes with a Critical Strike Chance of 0.02, as well as offering a Speed boost of +2 and a Defense increase of +1. Statistically speaking, this early-game sword stands out as one of the top choices for beginners, delivering a lethal impact, swift execution, and commendable durability.

Compared to the Iron Edge, another level-3 sword, the Forest Sword emerges as a more competent choice. Although its damage output may not match its competitor, the Forest Sword compensates with a faster, lighter, and more accessible profile.

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