How to Get The Burglar’s Ring in Stardew Valley

The Burglar’s Ring can turn you into the king of the Mines in Stardew Valley and double your wealth; here’s how to get this charm.

Rings are the key charms in Stardew Valley and are needed for specialized tasks and to maximize a character’s performance. However, there is one particular charm that can revolutionize your Monster farming attempts and make you the king of Mines: The Burglar’s Ring. This quick, but comprehensive, guide explains how you can get this ring as quickly as possible and how to use it to double your gains from the Mines.


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Burglar’s Ring Effect, Explained

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The Burglar’s Ring increases the chance of getting loot from Monsters. The wearer gets two rolls per enemy drop, receiving more rewards per kill. The effect includes doubling the quantity of an item or multiplying the number of items you get. However, the Burglar’s Ring effect does not stack up, so wearing two of these rings will not extend the multiplyer further.

How to Unlock The Burglar’s Ring In Stardew Valley

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After unlocking the Adventurer’s Guild, players will need to kill 500 Dust Sprites to get the Burglar’s Ring. You can find Dust Sprites in the Mines from Floor 41 to 79. Once you have eradicated enough Sprites, head to the Guild and talk to Gil—the old man. He will reward you with this special ring. Afterward, you can purchase the Burglar’s Ring from Marlon for 20,000g.

While purchasing the Burglar’s Ring costs 20,000g, its resell price is only 750g.

How to Use The Burglar’s Ringburglar's ring in stardew valley.

From your inventory, equip the Burglar’s Ring to initiate the effect. The best way to use this booster item is by farming Coal in the Mines. It increases the chance of getting Coal from Dust Sprite kills, which can multiply your gain. But as a general rule, wear the ring whenever you’re going to face Monsters.

Special Monsters in the Mines won’t drop two Special Items when you’re wearing the Burglar’s Ring.

Tips for Getting the Burglar’s Ring Faster

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As one of the best charms in Stardew Valley, Burglar’s Ring is a must for hunting Monsters. By following these tips, you can unlock this item way faster and benefit from its magical effect sooner:

  • Wear the Monster Musk. Monster Musk doubles the Dust Sprites in the Mines.
  • Force-spawn the Sprites. Use the elevator to traverse between Mine Floors. This will cause the Dust Sprites to respawn, accelerating your farming process.
  • Use Bombs. Corner a batch of Sprites and take them out with a bomb to clear the Floors faster.

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