How to Get String in Elden Ring

Whether you’re new or experienced in the realm of Soulslike games, particularly Elden Ring, you probably know how challenging this game can be. There are plenty of things you have to learn to survive the great many challenges ahead of you, including how to win PvP battles.

Through exploration and grinding for experience and resources, you can find new equipment and crafting ingredients that will make you more powerful, which will help you to face harder enemies. In this guide, we will show you how to find and use String in Elden Ring, as well as all available recipes that require it.


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How to get String in Elden Ring

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It may seem like something as simple as a string would be easy to come by, but it’s a surprisingly rare resource in Elden Ring. String can only be found in a few places in the world and, on top of that, they only have a 5% chance of being dropped by specific enemies, so farming this resource can be very time-consuming.

String Locations in Elden Ring

String can be found in the following locations in the world:

  • Leyndell Royal Capital – In the sewers, on a corpse in a big room full of rats.
  • Earthbore Cave – It can be found on dead bodies around the area.
  • Altus Plateau – You can find String on the corpses of Demi-Humans.
  • Mount Gelmir – Strings can be found on dead bodies on the roof in Hermit Village.


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String Farm Locations in Elden Ring

Another way to get a string is to farm it from enemies. Demi-Humans and Demi-Human Chiefs are enemies that have a mere 5% string drop rate for this item. Although demi-humans can be found all over throughout the map, the best places to farm them are listed below:

  • Volcano Cave – Currently, this is the best farming location. You can find 6 demi-humans outside the cave, 5 demi-humans near the Volcano Cave Site of Grace, and more of them deeper in the cave.
  • Coastal Cave – There are 7 demi-humans in the first room of this cave.
  • Lakeside Crystal Cave – There are a lot of demi-humans on the top level of the dungeon.

When farming String, consider re-specializing your character to improve your farming speed, as well as using AOE spells or attacks to quickly clear out groups of demi-humans. After, return to the nearest Site of Grace to reset enemies, and continue grinding.

How to Use String in Elden Ring

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String in Elden Ring is mainly used for equipment and consumable crafting. Below, you can see a full list of items that require a string for crafting:

  • Drawstring Fire Grease
  • Drawstring Holy Grease
  • Drawstring Lightning Grease
  • Drawstring Magic Grease
  • Drawstring Rot Grease
  • Drawstring Soporific Grease
  • Roped Fetid Pot
  • Roped Fire Pot
  • Roped Holy Water Pot
  • Roped Oil Pot
  • Roped Poison Pot

And that’s all we have for now. We hope that this guide will help you learn more about String in Elden Ring, and we wish you good luck with farming them, considering how hard they are to obtain.

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February 25, 2022