How to Get Stamina Fruits

Coral Island begins as a charming farming simulator but quickly evolves to include more demanding elements like combat. However, one essential aspect that maintains its significance across both relaxed and intense gameplay is Stamina, also referred to as energy. Without an ample supply of Stamina Points, your actions are restricted. The pivotal question arises: Are you bound to labor and battle with a set number of energy points? Fortunately, a mysterious item known as Stamina Fruit alters this predicament.


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Stamina Fruits Explained

energy foods in coral island.

In Coral Island, Stamina Fruits are energy-maximizing consumables. When consumed, each Stamina Fruit increases your maximum stamina by either 10% or precisely 45 points. The game contains a total of six Stamina Fruits, collectively capable of elevating your energy points to 720.

During your initial playthrough, your Stamina points are capped at 450. There’s no requirement to raise this number, but the starting energy points may prove insufficient for the challenges ahead, particularly after unlocking energy-intensive sections like the Merfolk Kingdom.

How to Get More Stamina Fruits

the community center in coral island.

There are three primary methods for getting Stamina Fruits:

  • Purchasing Stamina Fruits from designated merchants.
  • Exchanging special points for Stamina Fruits.
  • Receiving Stamina Fruits as a reward for completing specific tasks or winning competitions.

Here’s every method for getting Stamina Fruits in Starlet Town:

Exchange Merit Points for One Stamina Fruit

alice by the community center in coral island.

At the Community Center, you’ll encounter the Merit Point Exchange booth. Here, you have the option to exchange 2,000 Merit Points for a single Stamina Fruit.

Buy a Stamina Fruit from the Black Market

ratih in her disguise for her black market store in coral island.

Near the Lighthouse, you’ll find the Black Market operated by Ratih. This illicit shop operates three nights a week, specifically on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, from 20:00 to 22:00. Among its offerings, the Stamina Fruit stands out as the priciest item, commanding a hefty price tag of 90,000 Coins.

Receive a Stamina Fruit as a Museum Donation Gift

coral island museum scott

To obtain a free Stamina Fruit, simply donate 200 artifacts to the Museum. Win the Harvest Festival to Get a Free Stamina Fruit The Festival takes place annually on the 15th of Fall. Accumulating 160 points during this event will earn you a Stamina Fruit as a reward.

To ensure victory in the competition, present your finest items in the following categories: Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, Coop Products, Barn Products, and Artisan Products.

Obtain a Stamina Fruit in the Merfolk Kingdom

king krakatoa in coral island.

Upon finishing the Unwanted Guest Quest in the Merfolk Kingdom, both the King and Queen will reward you with a Stamina Fruit.

Complete Ten Offering Bundles for a Stamina Fruit

Coral Island lake temple offerings altar

By presenting the Goddess of Flowers with ten bundles, you can unlock one Stamina Fruit and max out your energy.

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Coral Island

November 14, 2023

Stairway Games

Humble Games

Farming , Simulation

Unreal Engine 4

E10+ Due To Alcohol Reference, Comic Mischief, Fantasy Violence

How Long To Beat
45 Hours