How to Get Six Eyes & Evolve Gojo in Anime Last Stand (ALS)

Image: JakDnoob

In Anime Last Stand (ALS), the unit known as the Strongest Sorcerer, otherwise commonly referred to by players as Gojo from Jutsusi Kaizen, is one of the best units in the game — once evolved in Celestial Strongest Sorcerer (Unmasked). Yes, Gojo has received an evolution in Update 1, very much like Sukuna. To evolve Gojo, you need to get items called Six Eyes and Spirit Shards, so here’s everything you need to know about acquiring Six Eyes in ALS.

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Anime Last Stand Gojo and Six Eyes Guide

Anime Last Stand Items Window Showing Spirit Shards Six Eyes And Cursed Fingers
Image: JakDnoob

To evolve Gojo into a Celestial in Anime Last Stand, you first must collect 6 Six Eyes and 25 Spirit Shards. Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to the Challenges Section: Teleport to the challenges area, as this is where you’ll start your quest for Six Eyes. Choose any challenge on Nightmare.
  2. Complete Challenges: Each challenge completed gives you a % chance of earning Six Eyes and Spirit shards.
    • The drop rate for both is not known at this time. We’ll update this once the official drop rates are released.
      • Six Eyes: The Wiki says 22.5%, but I’ve also seen 10% in the Discord. Since they buffed the drop rate of Cursed Fingers to 30%, I believe it’s 30%.
      • Spirit Shard: The Wiki says 65%, but I’ve also seen someone mention 35%
Anime Last Stand Rewards Screen Showing Six Eyes
Image: Code Nex

How to Evolve Strongest Sorcerer

Once you have 6 Six Eyes, Gojo is ready to evolve in ALS:

  1. Open the Units Menu: Access this through the Units button on the left side of your screen.
  2. Select Strongest Sorcerer: Find and click on Strongest Sorcerer in your unit list.
  3. Evolve: If you have the required 6 Six Eyes, an ‘Evolve’ button will appear. Click it to transform Gojo into a Celestial unit, Strongest Sorcerer (Unmasked)
Anime Last Stand Gojo Evolve Menu
Image: JakDnoob