How To Get Shiny Squirtle, Shiny Wartortle, And Shiny Blastoise

Pokemon GO players can catch multiple Shiny starters, and one of the most sought-after is Shiny Squirtle. Trainers are more likely to acquire these monsters during events such as the December Community Day 2023, which increases their spawn rate. The classic Shiny is a prized possession and can be extremely useful in battle scenarios.

The fan-favorite starter is a rare wild spawn, and players must encounter multiple Squirtle to catch up to its Shiny odds. Squirtle has a maximum Pokemon GO CP of 1069, which increases to 1682 CP when it evolves to Wartortle, and evolving it further into a Blastoise can increase the CP to 2788. Shiny Squirtle and its Shiny evolutions are excellent fighters and a great addition to anyone’s Pokedex. This guide explains the best method for players to catch Shiny Squirtle, Shiny Wartortle, and Shiny Blastoise.


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How To Get Shiny Squirtle In Pokemon GO

Shiny Squirtle in Pokemon GO

Although one can get their hands on Squirtle in the wild, catching a Shiny variant can be difficult. Pokemon GO trainers can take advantage of events that feature the Pokemon to have an increased chance of catching a Shiny Squirtle. But even with the boosted spawn rate, the Shiny encounter isn’t guaranteed. Players must encounter as many Squirtle as possible to match its Shiny odds.

The higher the spawn rate, the easier it might get for players to get a Shiny monster. Monster spawn rates can increase through various Pokemon GO items and the Weather Boost system. Players can use Lure Modules and Incense, which, combined with the Weather Boost system, can significantly increase a monster’s spawn rate.

Squirtle gets a boosted spawn rate during rainy weather. Using the Weather Boost, first, find a Pokestop or Gym in rainy weather, attach a Pokemon GO Lure Module, activate Incense, and roam around the area. During the events featuring Squirtle, players can use this method to boost the spawn rate further.


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How To Get Shiny Wartortle And Shiny Blastoise

Shiny Wartortle And Shiny Blastoise in Pokemon GO

While players can encounter a Shiny Squirtle in the wild, getting a Shiny Wartortle and Shiny Blastoise is exceptionally challenging. After catching a Shiny Squirtle, one can evolve it into a Shiny Wartortle and Shiny Blastoise by feeding it Pokemon GO candy. Trainers can evolve a Shiny Squirtle into a Shiny Wartortle by feeding it 25 Candy and further evolving it into a Shiny Blastoise, which costs a total of 100 Candy. Players can get the required amount of Candy by taking advantage of the boosted spawn rate, catching and transferring several Squirtle.

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