How To Get Shiny Shadow Ho Oh & Best Moveset

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The legendary bird Ho-Oh has made its way to Pokemon GO raids, albeit in its unpurified form, and fans are wondering whether they can get a shiny variant of it in the game.

The Fire/Flying-type Pokemon has been widely used across generations, thanks to its effectiveness against a variety of types. Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon GO boasts much higher attack stats but comes at the cost of lower defense. Depending on the Pokemon and their IVs, Shadow Pokemon can potentially be significantly stronger than their regular counterparts. For players looking to get a shiny Shadow Ho-Oh and teach it the best moveset, here is all they need to know. p


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How To Get Shiny Shadow Ho-Oh In Pokemon GO

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For players, wondering if a shiny variant of Shadow Ho-Oh exists in the game, the good news is that it recently made its debut. Shiny Shadow Ho-Oh can be caught via shadow raids, and that is currently the only way to obtain the Pokemon in the game. Just like the other legendaries in the game, the odds stand at 1 in 20, and while it might look quite decent, it is actually trickier than what you expect. Since the odds reset every raid, players are not guaranteed a shiny in the 20th raid, and it rerolls every time instead.

The trick to getting a shiny Ho-Oh is attempting as many shadow raids as possible, and players should eventually be able to catch one. Players have reported that they have been able to find one within 30 to 40 raids, so it shouldn’t be that difficult to get your hands on one. It is crucial to note that players should ensure that they are capitalizing on Ho-Oh’s weakness to Rock, Electric, and Water types and not attempting the raid solo to ensure that they are able to complete raids and hop onto the next one sooner.

Best Moveset For Shadow Ho-Oh

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Shadow Ho-Oh has a variety of fast and charged moves players can choose from. Players can choose from four fast moves and six charged moves, and players can find all of them listed below.

Fast Moves

Charged Moves

Steel Wing



Fire Blast

Hidden Power

Solar Beam


Brave Bird


Sacred Fire

As far as the best moves are concerned, Incinerate and Brave Bird are the best moves for Shadow Ho-Oh. Considering that these are Fire and Flying-type moves, players will be able to also benefit from Same-Type-Attack-Bonus, which will inflict more damage on their opponents.

  • Incinerate is a fast move, dealing 29 damage and generating 20 energy, which in turn can be used for charged moves. Incinerate has a DPS of 12.61 and is super effective against Bug, Steel, Ice, and Grass types. It is also weak against Fire, Water, Rock, and Dragon-types.
  • Brave Bird is a charged attack, dealing 130 damage and costing 100 energy. Players can get the required amount of energy by using 5 turns of Incinerate if they use the recommended moveset. Brave Bird has a DPS of 65 and is strong against Fighting, Grass, and Bug-types. It is weak against Rock, Steel, and Electric-types.

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