How To Get Shiny Mega Abomasnow

Pokemon GO offers several Mega Evolutions with a Shiny variant, one of which is Shiny Mega Abomasnow. The Abomasnow Mega Evolution is extremely powerful, adding more value to its Shiny variant. Players can get the sought-after Shiny Mega Abomasnow through Mega Abomasnow raids.

Trainers looking to get a Shiny Mega Abomasnow must first acquire absolute knowledge of the game’s meta and battle strategies. While that is the case, it is not easy to get a Shiny Mega Abomasnow; players must win multiple Mega Abomasnow raids in Pokemon GO. As a Mega raid boss, Mega Abomasnow’s power level increases even further, posing a significant threat to even pro players. Players must carefully curate a battle roster, considering the Mega raid boss’s weaknesses and resistance to go against it. Considering it all, this guide details everything one must know to get a Shiny Mega Abomasnow.


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Pokemon GO: Get Shiny Mega Abomasnow Through Mega Raids

Pokemon GO Shiny Mega Abomasnow

The dual Grass and Ice-type Pokemon, Abomasnow, has a maximum Combat Power (CP) of 2670, which increases even more as a Mega raid boss. The Sinnoh region monster possesses a stat spread of 178 ATK, 158 DEF, and 207 STA, making it an endurance-focused fighter.

Those who win the Mega Abomasnow raids can get Shiny Mega Abomasnow. But, one cannot directly encounter a Shiny Mega; they must first catch a Shiny Abomasnow, then Mega Evolve it. Players must note that even after they win Mega Abomasnow raids, the Shiny encounter isn’t guaranteed. While some may encounter a Shiny Abomasnow, others might get to encounter the Standard variant. The only chance for a Shiny encounter is to match Abomasnow’s Shiny odds.

Winning a Pokemon GO Mega raid requires a team of players with powerful counters; solo players should avoid attempting it. One should take account of Abomasnow’s weaknesses and resistances while selecting counters to go against it.

Select counters with move types identical to the monster’s type weaknesses and avoid the ones it can resist. Pokemon GO players can also take advantage of moves that trigger the Same Type of Attack Bonus (STAB) effect for bonus damage. When a counter’s typing matches its move typing, using that specific move increases damage output.



Fire-type moves

Electric-type moves

Bug-type moves

Grass-type moves

Fighting-type moves

Ground-type moves

Flying-type moves

Water-type moves

Poison-type moves

Rock-type moves

Steel-type moves

Best Counters For Mega Abomasnow Raids


Fast Moves

Charged Moves

Mega Blaziken

Fire Spin (Fire-type)

Blast Burn (Fire-type)

Mega Y Charizard

Fire Spin (Fire-type)

Blast Burn (Fire-type)

Shadow Blaziken

Fire Spin (Fire-type)

Blast Burn (Fire-type)

Shadow Entei

Fire Fang (Fire-type)

Overheat (Fire-type)


Fire Spin (Fire-type)

Magma Storm (Fire-type)


Fire Fang (Fire-type)

Fusion Flare (Fire-type)

Shadow Chandelure

Fire Spin (Fire-type)

Overheat (Fire-type)

Mega X Charizard

Fire Spin (Fire-type)

Blast Burn (Fire-type)

Shadow Moltres

Fire Spin (Fire-type)

Overheat (Fire-type)

Mega Rayquaza

Air Slash (Flying-type)

Dragon Ascent (Flying-type)

After winning a Mega Abomasnow raid, there’s a chance of Shiny Abomasnow appearing nearby. However, it’s not guaranteed; trainers must win multiple raids and encounter several Standard variants to increase the odds of getting a Shiny Abomasnow. Once a Shiny Abomasnow is caught, Pokemon GO players have to proceed to Mega Evolve the monster. The Mega Evolution process demands 200 Mega energy for the first time, decreasing to 40 Mega energy later.

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