September 24, 2023

A wild Lechonk has appeared! Get exploring with our know-how on How To Get Shiny Lechonk In Pokémon Go! Pokémon Go has kicked off its Paldean update in style with the introduction of Lechonk and its shiny variant, which is a very flashy pink versus the original grey of this piggy Pokémon. If you’re like me, you know the thrill of getting a shiny in any of the brilliant games by Pokémon.

Pokémon Go is the brilliant work of Niantic. Bringing the beloved franchise to mobile and inspiring players to explore their scenery, Pokémon Go is excellent for gamers who enjoy interactive real-world exploring and commutes in day-to-day life. Walk to real-world points of interest to find and catch regional Pokémon, explore Pokéstops, join other real players and team up to rule or conquer gyms, battle in raids, and of course, indulge in the generous rewards from the game events and community days.

Want to know more? Take this Pokéball (which was conveniently in the trash!) and head to the Official Website to see what you catch there! We also covered Pokémon Go Paldea, as well as  Pokemon Violet/Scarlet Codes, and if you’re into the unique creatures type of games why not check out our post on the upcoming Osatopia 2 tier list, or Dungeon Boss: Respawned Tier List.

Shiny Lechonk In Pokémon Go!

Lechonk… Lechonk! (He’s happy you caught him!)

Lechonk Adventure

Try not to ‘hog’ all the rewards from timed research! Paired with the “A Paladean Adventure” event, you can complete some simple tasks until Friday the 15th of September to get some encounters with the beloved piggy, Lechonk. The Lechonk Adventure will prompt you with the following missions;

  • Catch 9 Pokémon. (Lechonk encounter)
  • Catch 1 Pokémon. (Lechonk encounter)
  • Catch 5 Pokémon. (Lechonk encounter)
  • Use 9 berries to help catch a Pokémon. (Lechonk encounter)
  • Send 9 gifts to friends. (Lechonk encounter)

Simple enough! Upon completion you will be awarded with, you guessed it, another Lechonk encounter in addition to 900 Stardust, and 900 XP.

Lechonk Shiny Preview

So far Lechonk is the only Generation 9 Pokémon to have its shiny debut! Step aside Paldea starters, this pink pig is coming through! This of course applies to Lechonks only evolution too, Oinkologne, which with 50 candies, you can evolve your Lechonk into this unique Pokémon. To truly complete your collection, be sure to collect 100 Lechonk candies before the event runs up as the evolution has male and female variants.

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