How to Get Quadra Type-66 Cthulhu Race Car

The Quadra Type-66 sports car in Cyberpunk 2077, or more specifically the custom variant of this car known as the ‘Cthulhu’, tops out at 185 mph, making it one of the fastest cars in the game. If V makes the ‘right’ choices it can be acquired for free, but even if players missed the opportunity to acquire it through these free (albeit a bit morally grey) means, there’s a method of purchasing it later on as well.


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Cyberpunk 2077s Night City is flush with all types of people, including retro-futuristic car enthusiasts. Driving around Night City (or taking the metro) is a big part of the game, especially after the changes that came with the Phantom Liberty DLC. Whether it’s through the Beast in Me racing missions or tracking down Delamain’s lost vehicles in the Epistrophy missions, V is driving around quite a bit. Though players start out with a pretty shoddy ride, they’ll eventually be able to secure more ‘illustrious’ vehicles, such as the Quadra Type-66 line of cars, the ‘Cthulu’ Custom Variant in particular is what we’re focusing on today.

Updated December 15th, 2023 by Jacob Buchalter: With all the fantastic upgrades, fixes, and changes CD Projekt has made to the cars and driving systems in Cyberpunk 2077 through the Phantom Liberty DLC, it seemed like a good time to look back on one of the more memorable car-related Side Gigs. Granted, those who restarted the game (or started it for the first time) after the Phantom Liberty DLC will find it almost painful to go back to this Side Gig, as all of the races in the Beast in Me line of Side Gigs are so janky compared to the revamped driving mechanics. Cars drive on rails, they’re so incredibly slow, the driving AI is especially bad on turns, and the NCPD can’t decide if they care about the race or not. Compared to all the new car content in the DLC, this feels almost like a blast from the past. So, here’s how to get the Quadra Type-66 ‘Cthulhu’ from this Side Gig series as fast as possible.

Where To Obtain The Quadra Type-66

Cyberpunk 2077 - Claire Confronting Samplson

There are a number of sweet rides obtainable in-game for free (at least for now) by doing certain Side Gigs or even just happening upon them during an opportune moment. Players will want to look out for these methods because, as one might expect, nothing comes cheap in this cyberpunk dystopia known as Night City.

Thankfully, some of the fastest and most useful vehicles in the game tend to have some pretty easy methods of getting them for free, and the Quadra Type-66 ‘Cthulhu’ is one of them. There are quite a few different Quadra Manufacturer Vehicles for V to find, drive, or obtain in the base game and the Phantom Liberty DLC. To see what other variants there are besides the ‘Cthulhu’, here is a list of all Quadra Cars:

Quadra Type Model Name

Obtained As


Quadra Sport R-7 ‘Charon’

Mission Reward in Phantom Liberty DLC (Moving Heat)

Custom Variant

Quadra Sport R-7 ‘Chiaroscuro’

Bought (81,000 Eddies)

Custom Variant

Quadra Sport R-7 ‘Sterling’

Mission Reward in Phantom Liberty DLC (Hi Ho Silver Lining)

Custom Variant

Quadra Sport R-7 ‘Vigilante’

Bought in Phantom Liberty DLC (86,000 Eddies) Or Pre-Order Bonus

Custom Variant

Quadra Type-66 ‘Hoon’

Mission Reward (I’m in Love With My Car)

Custom Variant

Quadra Type-66 ‘Javelina’

Bought (99,000 Eddies)

Custom Variant

Quadra Type-66 ‘Jen Rowley’

Bought (52,000 Eddies)

Custom Variant

Quadra Type-66 ‘Mistral’

Unobtainable (Rogue Amendiares’ Car)

Custom Variant

Quadra Type-66 ‘Reaver’

Unobtainable (Wrait-Customized Car)

Custom Variant

Quadra Type-66 ‘Wingate’

Bought (99,000 Eddies)

Custom Variant

Quadra Turbo-R ‘Raijin’

Unobtainable (Tyger Claws Car)

Custom Variant

Quadra Type-66 Avenger

Bought (75,000 Eddies)

Default Model

Quadra Turbo-R 740

Bought (69,000 Eddies)

Default Model

Quadra Turbo-R V-Tech

Mission Reward (Life’s Work & Sex On Wheels)

Default Model

Quadra Type-66 640 TS

Mission Reward (Gas Gas Gas)

Default Model

Quadra Type-66 680 TS

Unobtainable (Can Be Temporarily Driven If Hijacked From Random NPC)

Default Model

Quadra Sport R-7 540

Unobtainable (Can Be Temporarily Driven If Hijacked From Random NPC)

Default Model

Quadra Sport R-7 580

Unobtainable (Can Be Temporarily Driven If Hijacked From Random NPC)

Default Model

To get back on topic, the Cthulhu is owned by Peter Sampson, a racer that V will meet during the series of The Beast in Me Death Race Side Gigs. These are missions V takes on alongside Claire Russell, the bartender of the iconic Afterlife Bar. During this questline, after successfully completing the third qualifying race, Claire will then reveal that Sampson ‘killed’ her husband during a race and she wants to get back at him. In the three qualifying races leading to the end of The Beast in Me side mission, players must finish in the top 3 for at least two of these races. You’ll have to re-load a previous save if you don’t meet the requirements, as there is no way to ‘reset’ the races otherwise.

Currently at the time of writing this (December 2023, game version Update 2.1) a lot of players are reporting bugs related to the qualifying races for The Beast in Me where, even if they finish first, the race announcer says another racer is the winner. There are reports of this happening across all three races, so make sure to make a save point before each one in case it happens to you.

The rewards of this quest differ based on how V either encourages or dissuades Claire from her revenge and in the best outcome, they’ll walk away with not only the Cthulhu but also Claire’s Modified Thorton Mackinaw truck. So, there are really only two options for this side mission if players want the car for free, either ‘Don’t Follow Sampson’ or follow him and tell Claire to ‘Let Him Go’.

The ‘Don’t Follow Sampson’ Path

If You Don’t Care About Obtaining The Quadra Type-66 ‘Cthulhu’

Cyberpunk 2077 - Racing In The Beast In Me Questline Final Race

If players only want the Cthulhu, or if they just think revenge isn’t the answer, during the final Beast in Me race, they’ll need to stay and finish the race instead of following Sampson.

When Sampson ends up veering off course from the race, players can’t listen to Claire and follow him, even though this choice will make Claire very upset in the heat of the moment. Winning the race this way does provide some benefits and ultimately ends the questline, but Claire holds on to The Beast for herself.

The ‘Let Him Go’ Path

The Choice With The Best Rewards & Outcome Overall

Cyberpunk 2077 - Talking To Claire Before The Final Race

But if players want the best option to both help Claire and also obtain both vehicles, they’ll need to make the following choices. When Claire is talking to V overlooking Night City after the third qualifying race, make sure to tell her ‘My priority’s winning’.

Later on, when V and Claire confront Sampson after he’s crashed (after choosing to follow him), tell Claire to ‘Let him go’. If everything was done correctly, she’ll listen to V and walk away. As a result, both Sampson and Claire will just hand their rides over to V not long after, though Sampson may take some in-game time before he texts V about it. Although, getting a reward from the guy who murdered Claire’s husband might leave a bad taste in most players’ mouths.

How To Buy The Quadra Type-66 Cthulhu

A 67,000 Eddie Fee For Messing Up The Mission Options

Cyberpunk 2077 - Buying The Cthulhu Type-66 Manually

If you, for some reason, didn’t make any of the choices listed above, then Sampson most likely died at Claire’s hands or you probably encountered a bug of some sort. After everything’s all said and done, V can then purchase the Cthulhu from Regina Jones. They’ll need to wait until the fixer herself, AKA Regina, contacts them with the offer, which will end up costing them a hefty 67,000 Eddies (used to be 76k before Patch 2.0).

So, obviously, getting Cthulhu for free from Sampson as well as the Beast from Claire is the ideal option if possible, but at least there are multiple options there for players who feel Sampson needs to die (but still want his car).

How The Quadra Type-66 & Type-66 ‘Cthulhu’ Compares To Other Cars

Cyberpunk 2077 - A Big Group Of All The Cars And Motorcycles V Can Own



Horse Power

# of Seats

Top Speed

Quadra Type-66 ‘Cthulhu’

Sports Car



185 MPH

Now here’s the real question, is this ‘Cthulhu car’ worth all the effort, internal conflict about the ‘morality’ of the decision, and even the murder of Peter Sampson? Absolutely. In stats alone, this car is one of the top ten fastest cars in the game (though Phantom Liberty’s car additions shook those rankings up).

Not only that but out of all the Quadra Type-66 cars in the game, of which even more were added in the Phantom Liberty DLC, the Cthulhu is the one that looks the most like a muscle car straight out of a Fast and the Furious movie. Just keep in mind that the car isn’t known for its fantastic handling and it only has one passenger seat, so there are some pros and cons to consider.