How To Get Penance (Priest Rune)

As one of the most powerful Healers in the vanilla game, Priests were all but sure to remain powerful in the WoW Classic: Season of Discovery. Priests indeed remain top of the healing charts in SoD, and it’s thanks to powerful Runes like Penance being relatively easy to unlock. In fact, Penance is the first Rune many Priests will Discover in the season.


WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Level Cap

Every Season of Discovery Phase will increase the max level Cap in SoD – starting at a relatively low 25, and eventually reaching lvl 60.

This powerful Discipline spell works on enemies and allies, and has either a damage or healing effect based on its target. With a short cooldown, it’s one of the healer Priest’s best spells in WoW SoD, and helps them contribute to DPS when the party is topped off. This guide covers what to expect when slotting the Penance spell, as well as how to unlock the Penance Rune – the Memory of a Troubled Acolyte.

Penance Priest Rune Effects & Info

World of Warcraft Season of Discovery WoW SoD Priest Penance Rune Guide Akumai Three Heads Three Bolts

Rune Gear Slot

Penance Effects


  • Launches bolts of Holy Light either at an enemy or an ally, with different effects for either target.
    • First bolt is Instant, then another is cast every second for two seconds. Total of three bolts.
    • Enemy: Each bolt deals a huge amount of Holy Damage
    • Ally: Each bolt heals the target for a moderate amount of HP

Penance is one of the most powerful Runes in a Discipline Priest’s healing toolkit because it has a low cooldown and can be used on either allies or enemies for great effect. For both target types, Penance will launch a volley of three bolts, once instantly, then once every second for two seconds. When targeting allies, Penance will heal them for a huge amount of HP with each bolt that connects, while enemies will take a huge amount of Holy Damage with each Bolt.

Such a powerful ability was thought by some to be locked behind a complex, lengthy series of quests. Then, the Season of Discovery launched, and Priests learned that Penance is not only one of the easiest Runes to get – it’s a Priest’s introduction to the Rune system at Level 2.


WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Server List

Both the North American and European regions are gaining plenty of WoW Season of Discovery servers – and so is Australia and the OCE region.

How To Get The Penance Rune In WoW SoD

World of Warcraft Season of Discovery WoW SoD Priest Penance Rune Guide Altar of Light

Priests have a unique mechanic to learn Runes in SoD. Priests don’t pick up Runes directly, instead they learn from Memories. To learn a Rune from a Memory, a Priest must have the Meditation buff active. To get this buff, Priests must perform a /kneel emote in front of an Altar of the Light. Altars can be found in most major cities, not just Capitol Cities. Make sure to target the Altar first before kneeling, and the buff should proc within a few seconds.

At Level 2, every class in WoW SoD is given their first Rune quest, and Priests all get the same objective: to find the Memory of a Troubled Acolyte, then learn from it after /kneel-ing at an Altar (or Moonwell).

  • Human Priests: Kill Kobolds to get the Memory, then /kneel at the Altar next to the Northshire Priest trainer
  • Dwarf Priests: Look for the Memory in a Trogg Camp just outside of Anvilmar, then return to /kneel at the Altar inside Anvilmar
  • Night Elf Priests: After being given the Memory by the quest giver, /kneel in the nearby Moonwell within Shadowglen
  • Orcs and Troll Priests: After being given the Memory by the quest giver, head to Sen’jin Village (east) and /kneel at the Loa Altar
  • Undead Priests: After being given the Memory by the quest giver, step outside into the graveyard and /kneel when the Chill of the Grave buff is active

After you learn from the Memory, Penance should appear in the new Rune Engravings menu on the Character screen. Click the Penance Rune, then click on your currently-equipped Gloves to engrave it. Check your spellbook Runes tab to slot the ability onto your hotbar.

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