How to Get Parts in Against the Storm

Finding Parts in Against the Storm is not an easy task. Let’s take a look at how players can find parts easily.

Against the Storm is a city-building game in which players rebuild the face of civilization from scratch. The game features 5 different species led by the scorched Queen, living together and trying to survive the aftermath of a Blightstorm that ruined the whole world.

To survive in a world ruined by the Blightstorm, players need to gather resources that can help them progress. These items carry different abilities that can help players create various machines or build certain buildings. Parts are an example of such items which players must have in their inventory. This guide helps players find these much-needed items easily.


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How to Get Parts

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Parts are highly important and rare resources in the game. They have multiple uses, such as building camps and other buildings. These parts are hard to get and require players to put a lot of effort into finding them. It is difficult to get a lot of parts in the game due to their shortages. These Parts can not be harvested, which is why players must spend them wisely. Important buildings can be built using these items. Here are a few ways players can obtain parts:

Trading For Parts

The players can find traders every time they visit a new glade. There is a great chance the traders will have parts in their inventory and a great opportunity to conduct some business. Trade some of the unwanted stock for parts. Players can also obtain parts from trading posts.

Completing Glade Events

Glade Events tend to pop up when players enter dangerous glades. These glades will give players parts as a reward. These parts can be obtained from these forbidden glades during the event or in the supply crates.

The Rainpunk Foundry

Rainpunk Foundry can be discovered when visiting a forbidden glade. If players find one, select the option to repair the building to get it as a reward. The foundry creates parts for players. This will give players an opportunity of a lifetime.

The Foundry also creates Wildfire Essence which can prove to be useful in the future or players can trade it for better items. To manufacture parts, players will need two ingredients that are fairly common to make, whereas the Wildfire Essence requires three ingredients

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Against the Storm

December 8, 2023

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