October 3, 2023

The addition of Gen 9 Pokemon and events like Ultra Unlock: Paldea have Trainers worldwide in a frenzy. Nothing is more exciting in Pokemon Go than new creatures to catch. If you’re a fan of creepy crawlies, Nymble and Lokix are right up your street and will be familiar if you’ve played Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Let me show you how to get Nymble and Lokix in Pokemon Go and if they can be Shiny. 

How to get Nymble and Lokix in Pokemon Go – Can they be Shiny?

Thanks to the Ultra Unlock: Paldea event, you can find Nymble’s all over the place in the wild. Lokix is the evolved form of Nymble, so even if you don’t find one, you can evolve one with 50 Nymble Candy. During the event, the weather shouldn’t matter. That said, Bug types do get an increased spawn rate when it’s Rainy, or at least when Pokemon Go thinks it’s raining.

Image by PC Invasion

Can Nymble and Lokix be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

At the time of writing, neither Nymble nor Lokix can be caught as a Shiny variant. This news is likely to disappoint some Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players, as the Shiny version of Nymble is an eye-catching gold. Still, Niantic is forever changing what Shinies are available. We may get Raid or Wild Shiny Nymble’s in the future. Shiny Hunters, don’t despair, as Lechonk is available in its Shiny form and has a massively boosted spawn rate thanks to the Ultra Unlock: Paldea event. 

On top of the modified spawn rates, there are also massive x4 boosts to XP and Stardust gains. Even if you don’t need Pokemon on the map, it’s worth catching them for these buffs.

Is Lokix good for PvP?

It’s too early to say if Lokix will be good in PvP, but its unique Bug/Dark typing could have some utility. This duel typing does give Lokix some odd weaknesses, though, including one to other Bugs. Still, with spammy attacks, Lokix has the potential to make opponents exhaust their Shields. With Charged Moves like X-Scissor and Dark Pulse, Lokix forces opponents to choose between eating a Bug or Dark attack. Plenty of other Pokemon put your opponent in these situations, but it’s an option.

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