How To Get Multiple Cards In Bloxy Bingo

In need of a winning ticket? Our guide tells you how to get multiple cards in Bloxy Bingo. You can stub out the competition and multiply your chances of winning with more tickets, so obviously you’ll want to know how to do that!

If the game title wasn’t obvious Bloxy Bingo is bingo but in Roblox! Dab out the competition with your dabber and play different versions of the classic game bingo alongside your friends. The best part is this game is gambling-free! So if you lose there’s no real loss.

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How To Get Multiple Cards In Bloxy Bingo

We broke this part down into sections for clarity so you can skip to the exact bit you need!

What Are Cards?

Cards are the sheets with assorted numbers which players use to stamp during gameplay. As a number is called out you can mark off the number from your card if it corresponds with a number that was called out.

Completing cards to varying degrees awards players with numerous amounts of gems. For example, completing a line of numbers will award fewer gems than a full house (the entire sheet is marked off!)

How Do You Get More?

It’s surprisingly easy to acquire more cards though it is recommended you play with less until you’re used to how the game performs. To get more cards it is as simple as:

  • Head to settings within the game
  • Change the card amount per round within the settings

The card maximum is 6, so you can always build up to playing with 6 cards if it is too overwhelming.

Why Should You Play With More?

Playing with more cards increases your chances of a win which let’s be honest, of course, people play to win! Winning awards players with gems which can be exchanged in the shop for all kinds of upgrades such as new Markers, Mascots, Dances, Calls and more!