How to Get More Star Tokens

On the 16th of Fall, Stardew Valley‘s Pelican Town hosts the Stardew Valley Fair, where you can amass Star Tokens and trade them for valuable items at the adjacent booth. The key question is, how can you increase your Star Token earnings? What strategies can you employ to maximize your gains and boost your Fair profits? This concise Stardew Valley guide offers a foolproof method to amass thousands of Star Tokens.


Stardew Valley: How to Get Morel

Morel is a necessary ingredient to create recipes like Life Elixir in Stardew Valley. If you’re on the hunt for it, here’s where you can find it.

How to Get More Star Tokens Fast

Stardew Valley Fair with tents in town center.

You can earn Star Tokens by playing minigames at the Stardew Valley Fair. However, the fastest way to earn a huge sum of the tokens is by winning the Grange Display competition. By securing first place, the governor rewards you with 1,000 Star Tokens, which can be a solid foundation for further gains through the nearby betting game.

Participate in the Grange Display Challenge

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Bring nine of your rarest and priciest products to the Fair, put them all on the Grange stand, and ask Lewis to start judging them. Each of your valuable products will be scored separately, giving you a chance to win the competition.

For a guaranteed win, adhere to these rules:

  • Fill all the empty slots on the display.
  • Include Silver, Gold, or Iridium Quality items.
  • Feature products with an average sell price of 500g or higher.

If you have
Mayor Lewis’ purple shorts
, put them on the Grange Display. He might dislike your action, but he will pay you 750 Star Tokens to hide his rather dirty secret.

If you find yourself short on products for the display, consider placing junk items. While they may not contribute significant value, they can boost your overall score by a point or two.

Bet on Green in the Spin-Wheel Minigame

After winning the Grange Display challenge or earning a few hundred Tokens by playing minigames, talk to the spin-wheel operator. (Look for the guy with glasses in the middle of the Fair). His game is rigged, favoring the Green section by 75%. To potentially double your money, wager an amount equivalent to half of your Star Tokens on the Green.

Do not go for an all-in bet, as there’s still a 15% chance for the spin wheel to land on the orange spot.

What to Buy with Star Tokens


The best investment in the Fair is to purchase the Stardrop for 2,000 Star Tokens. But you should also aim to collect the Rarecrows, which appear every year in the Shop’s inventory.

Each player can only own 9,999 Star Tokens.

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