How to Get Mods In Lightyear Frontier

Mods and cheats happen to be a huge part of modern-day single-player gaming, enabling players to adjust their experience in fun, and often wacky ways. From infinite money to changing movement speed or resource limits, there is often a mod around to suit every player in their game of choice.

As with many other titles, Lightyear Frontier has a small collection of mods that can be applied to alter gameplay, increase progression or notable mechanics, enable players to take shortcuts, or catch up on their farming tasks. For players interested in altering their saved files in this way, knowing where to download and how to install mods will put them on the right path.


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How to Install Mods For Lightyear Frontier

Exploration in Lightyear Frontier

When it comes to mods for the open-world farming adventure known as Lightyear Frontier, there is currently a small selection available to choose from. These mods can be sourced from two different locations – Nexus Mods, and WeMod. However, before downloading and installing any mods, it is a good idea to make a backup of your save file, in case of any mod-caused corruption or errors.

Nexus Mods only has a tiny selection of mods available for Lightyear Frontier, with the most notable choice being a simple no-intro mod. This mod makes launching the game significantly quicker, which will allow you to jump right into farming and exploration with little wait.

While the lack of mods available on Nexus Mods may be disappointing, there is a strong possibility that more mods will be created in the future, as other titles, such as Stardew Valley, have proven to collect an abundance over time. When downloading Mods from Nexus Mods, each mod will have its download instructions listed in the description, so it’s important to check this beforehand for any extra notes.

To download a mod from Nexus Mods, you will simply need to click a mod page of your choice and the yellow manual download button. After that, your file will download, and all you’ll have to do is place it in the required directory, which will be mentioned in the mod description.

nexus mods download button


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The other place where players can source mods for Lightyear Frontier is WeMod. Unlike Nexus Mods, WeMod is an app that can be downloaded from their website, with mods for all of your eligible installed games becoming available upon setup and launch.

With the free version of WeMod, you will gain uninterrupted access for up to two hours of gameplay. while unlimited access requires a paid subscription to the service. Enabling mods in WeMod is as easy as launching the game, opening WeMod, navigating to the mod page, and then using the keybinds to trigger them in the game, or manually altering them in the mod menu.

Lightyear Frontier mods on WeMod

Notable Lightyear Frontier Mods on WeMod

  • Infinite Jetpack Fuel
  • Alter player movement speed
  • Alter mech movement speed
  • Infintie jump
  • Edit money
  • Edit daytime pass speed
  • Edit max carry weight
  • And more!

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Lightyear Frontier

March 19, 2024

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