How to Get Launch Pads

LEGO Fortnite fans have been eagerly anticipating new content, and following the 28.10 update, Epic has added some new items to the game. These range from new villagers, including Tomatohead and Brushanger, to more building parts in various sizes. This includes the Launch Pad, a new toy that lets players travel far quickly.

The Launch Pad is designed to replace the long staircases players have to take to reach high places like the top of hills and mountains. Like any other LEGO Fortnite tool, players must craft the Launch Pad using specific resources. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to craft it.


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How to Craft Launch Pads in LEGO Fortnite

lego fortnite launch pad

To craft Launch Pads in LEGO Fortnite, you need to upgrade your village to Level 7. Exploring the different biomes, collecting resources, and defeating wild creatures are easy ways to upgrade your village. To speed up the process, recruit villagers and assign them simple tasks such as collecting wood.

Once you’ve upgraded your village to Level 7, you must collect specific resources to unlock the Launch Pad recipe. The resources you need include:

  • 1 Silk Fibre
  • 4 Copper Bars
  • 8 Flexwood

Acquiring all of these resources may take some grinding, as most need to be crafted by gathering other additional resources. If you need help getting them, here are detailed guides on how to get Copper Bars, how to get Flexwood, and how to get Silk Fibre. Once you have all the necessary items, press the build button on your controller and navigate to the Toys section. Scroll till you find the Launch Pad recipe and select craft to make your Launch Pad.

How to Use the Launch Pad

To use the Launch Pad, place it anywhere on the ground and jump on it. This will launch you into the air, where you can deploy your glider to travel fast. If you don’t have a glider, you can still use the Launch Pad to launch high and cover some distance without taking fall damage.

For extra fun, Epic recommends placing the Launch Pad on a dynamic foundation before jumping on it. This launches you further into the air, ensuring you can cover more distance. The Launch Pad is an excellent alternative to building staircases, which traditionally take time to create.


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December 7, 2023