How To Get Just A Flesh Wound (Rogue Rune)

Shaman, Warlocks, Mages, and Rogues all have one thing in common in the World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery. All classes get new Runes that grant new abilities to play with, but only these four classes get Runes that enable a new role, either Tanking or Healing. For Rogues, Just A Flesh Wound is the keystone piece to its new Tanking spec.


WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Server List

Both the North American and European regions are gaining plenty of WoW Season of Discovery servers – and so is Australia and the OCE region.

With Just A Flesh Wound slotted (as well as Blade Dance and Main Gauche), Rogues can Tank by focusing on damage avoidance and evasion instead of typical defensive stats. This guide covers the many class-altering effects of Just A Flesh Wound, as well as information on how to unlock the Just A Flesh Wound Rune.

Just A Flesh Wound Rune Effects & Info

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Rune Gear Slot

Just A Flesh Wound Effects


  • The Rogue takes 20% less Physical damage while Blade Dance is active
  • Reduces the chance to be Critically Hit by melee attacks by 6%, and boosts Threat generation massively
  • Feint is replaced with Tease, a single-target out-of-combat Taunt

For Rogues, the Just A Flesh Wound Rune is what enables the class’ newfound ability to tank in the Season of Discovery. Like Metamorphosis for Warlocks, a Rogue Tank can’t function without this Rune. Just A Flesh Wound grants the Rogue some nice buffs and synergies with Blade Dance, and grants a new ability: Tease.

When Just A Flesh Wound is slotted, players will receive 20% less Physical Damage while Blade Dance is active. Blade Dance itself is another Rune that Rogues can get in WoW SoD, and it’s essential to run these Runes together for Tanking. Just A Flesh Wound also reduces the Rogue’s chance to be Crit by 6% and massively boosts their Threat generation to the point that a Rogue has few issues managing multiple targets, as long as they get a hit on each before anyone else.


WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Level Cap

Every Season of Discovery Phase will increase the max level Cap in SoD – starting at a relatively low 25, and eventually reaching lvl 60.

Additionally, the new ability Tease, replaces Feint. Feint normally dispels a tiny amount of Threat generated by the Rogue on the target enemy, but Tease does the opposite. Tease gives the Rogue class a single-target ranged Taunt ability, but it can only be used out of combat.

How To Get The Just A Flesh Wound SoD Rune

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To unlock Just A Flesh Wound, Rogues have a relatively simple, but tedious, grind to get done. Every class has one Rune locked behind reputation ranks with the new Waylaid Supply factions – either the Azeroth Commerce Authority or Durotar Supply & Logistics, depending on faction.

When players get Waylaid Supplies (and optionally fill them), they can be turned into representatives outside the Auction Houses in each Capital City for XP, a bit of silver, and of course reputation. Once Rogues reach Friendly status (3000 rep) with their faction’s Waylaid Supply vendor, the Rune of Teasing becomes available for purchase.

The cost of Just A Flesh Wound, and all Runes available with these faction vendors, is 2g. Be sure to save up those coppers as you approach Friendly to jump into dungeons and lead as a Rogue Tank faster.

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