How To Get Japanese Buildings in Lego Fortnite

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Lego Fortnite offers diverse architectural styles, and the Shogun Palace collection stands out with its elegant Japanese-themed buildings. These structures, characterized by their swooping roofs and intricate designs, add a unique aesthetic to your village. However, unlocking this set might seem a bit elusive, as the game doesn’t explicitly guide players on how to acquire it.

This guide will take you through the steps necessary to unlock the beautiful Shogun Palace set and add a touch of Japanese elegance to your Lego Fortnite world. However, if you are braving the cold, I recommend knowing how to stop freezing and making yourself an Inner Fire Charm.

Lego Fortnite Shogun Palace – How to Get it

To unlock the Shogun Palace build in Lego Fortnite, you’ll need to embark on a journey to the Frostlands biome. This snow-covered terrain is key to accessing the unique Shogun Palace theme. Here are the steps needed to unlock it:

  1. Travel to the Frostlands Biome: Make your way to the chilly Frostlands biome with a Village Square structure in your inventory.
  2. Place Your Village Square: Once in the Frostlands, place down the Village Square structure. This action is crucial to unlock the Shogun Palace theme.
  3. Upgrade Your Village: As you develop and upgrade the village in the Frostlands, you’ll gain access to more Shogun Palace-themed recipes. These include larger pre-made buildings and additional decorative pieces.
Lego Fortnite Village Square
Image: Hayzeydayz

Additional Information:

  • Unlocking Across Biomes: Once you’ve unlocked the Shogun Palace collection in the Frostlands, you can construct these buildings in any biome.
  • Building the Shogun Palace: The construction process involves 31 stages, requiring a substantial amount of resources.
  • Unique Aesthetic: Completing the Shogun Palace collection will give your village a distinctive Japanese vibe, enhancing the diversity and appeal of your Lego Fortnite experience.

Remember, the initial placement of your Village Hub is key. For the Shogun Prefab, choose the Frostland biome instead of the Grassland. After unlocking, you can freely build the Shogun Palace anywhere in the game world.