How to Get Houses and Hotels

Monopoly GO is a digital version of the classic game for friends. Scopely took the original game and added several new features to make it even more fun. But the basic rules in Monopoly GO remain the same. The main goal is to get Houses and Hotels on the board to earn a lot of money.

Houses and Hotels generate income every time you visit a tile. And of course, the more Houses or Hotels you have, the more money you will earn. But to build them, you first need to pay attention to Landmarks.


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How to Get Houses in Monopoly GO

 Houses and hotels in Monopoly GO

To get Houses in Monopoly GO, players need to invest money in Landmarks. These are special buildings unique to each city. Your first investment will build a building, while subsequent ones will upgrade them. This way, you will upgrade your Net Worth. But more importantly, for each Landmark built or upgraded, players will receive one House.

To do this, click on the Build button to go to the Landmarks screen. There, you will find five different options for building or upgrading, which are different for each city. After each investment of money, you may notice how the house counter begins to increase at the top of the screen.

When you return to the main screen, all your Houses will be randomly located on suitable tiles in Monopoly GO. Of course, you have to invest large amounts of money into Landmarks. But as a result, your House tiles will become a gold mine.

Note that players who step on a railroad tile can visit your city and damage one of your Landmarks. You can protect yourself from this by using Shields that can be picked up on the board. Otherwise, you have to spend money to repair them. But this will not give you any rewards, including Houses.


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How to Get Hotels in Monopoly GO

 Houses and hotels in Monopoly GO

If you prefer to skip the tutorial and just start playing, you will likely spend a long time looking for a way to build Hotels in Monopoly GO. Unfortunately, the game only makes one mention of how to do this. And in fact, it is very simple.

To build Hotels in Monopoly GO, place five Houses on one tile. When the last House is added to the tile, it will automatically turn into a Hotel. However, know that this will take a lot of time, since all Houses are located randomly. Just keep building and upgrading Landmarks, and you will fill the entire board with your Houses and Hotels easily. In addition, when you build Hotels on all tiles of the same color, you can get a nice bonus.

Monopoly GO is available now for PC and Mobile devices.


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