How to get Holiday Spices in WoW Classic SoD

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

WoW Classic has been all the rage as of late, especially within the new Season of Discovery mode for players to check out. However, with the new Winter Veil event here, players will want to see what all the quests have to offer, but you’re going to need to obtain Holiday Spices for one of them. Here’s where you can get them.

WoW Classic SoD: How to get Holiday Spices

While some of you are going to be concerned with finding Metzen the Reindeer, we’re more focused on providing some freshly baked goods to the people of Azeroth. This is where the holiday spices come into play, as it’s going to be a part of the Treats for Great-father Winter quest line, where players will need to bake some gingerbread cookies.

One of the key ingredients for this recipe is Holiday Spices. Combine them with one small egg and you’ll get one gingerbread cookie. Players will want to head to their faction’s main cities to find a goblin vendor.

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Horde Winter Veil Vendors

  • Penny Copperpinch (Orgimmar)
  • Nardstrum Copperpinch (Undercity)
  • Coordinates: 68, 40
  • Seersa Copperpinch (Thunder Bluff)

Alliance Winter Veil Vendors

  • Khole Jinglepocket (Stormwind City)
  • Wulmort Jinglepocket (Ironforge)
Winter Veil Pics Vendor
Image: Blizzard Entertainement

These goblin vendors will wear winter attire and have presents and other festive decorations behind them, so they won’t be hard to miss.

You’ll be able to head over to them and purchase these Holiday Spices for around 30 Copper. Be sure to stock up, as you’ll need at least five of them for the Gingerbread quest.

When checking out these Winter Veil quests, players will have to venture throughout Azeroth for certain quests, as the gold these quests offer in Season of Discovery is a great way to make a fast coin. Classic players know how valuable money is within the game, and we’re sure these festive quests are going to be a big community hit amongst players.

If you’re looking for an in-depth guideline into all of the WoW Classic quests, we’ve got you covered here.