How to Get Harspuds and Salubrious Draughts in Dragon’s Dogma 2

In the beginning hours of Dragon’s Dogma 2, players will make their way to the Borderwatch Outpost. You’ll learn more about Pawns, resting at Inns, and will get to speak to some shopkeepers to get your early gear/inventory in tip-top shape.

A questline called Tale’s Beginning will task players to sleep at the nearby inn. The first time you stay there, it’ll be free of charge. Normally, you’ll have to cough up some Gold. After that, you’ll have to start heading out to Melve. However, you can start a side quest called The Provisioner’s Plight before leaving, which will introduce you to the game’s crafting mechanic.


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How to Start The Provisioner’s Plight Quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2

We were able to start The Provisioner’s Plight quest by speaking to a man named Geoffrey, who’s hanging out outside not far from the inn. He mentions that the crew is running low on a bunch of supplies. There’s a man named Markus who has a list of supplies to gather, but the list is incomplete, so Geoffrey needs you and your Pawns to find him and deliver extra ingredients, too.

Deliver the Provisioner’s Note to Markus

If you check out the quest info in the menu, the location of Markus can be seen. He’s not far north of the encampment.

How to Get Harspuds and Salubrious Draughts in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Once you speak to Markus, he wants you and your squad to find additional items, specifically some Harspuds and Salubrious Draughts.

If you open the map and have the quest set as a priority, you’ll see glowing yellow spots nearby. These locations are where the items are supposed to be found. We looked around the spots near Markus and managed to gather some Harspuds, but as for Salubrious Draughts, you need to combine items to get them.


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Open the Pause menu and enter the Items section. From there, press the Square (PS5) or X button (Xbox) to Combine items.

dragons dogma 2 combine

To make Salubrious Draughts, you can combine Greenwarish with either Grapes or Raspberries (all common items). To complete the DD2 quest, you need to gather three Harspuds and two Draughts.

If you
have some of
Dragon’s Dogma 2
Pawns with you
, some of them might pick up items randomly from the field, which you can use to complete the quest or combine. So make sure to check their inventories to see if they’ve picked up any items you need.

Once you’ve obtained the proper number of items, speak to Markus again. Now, you need to head back to the camp to reap the benefits.

The Provisioners Plight Quest Rewards

As a reward for completing the task, Geoffrey will give players the following once they speak to him back at the Borderwatch Outpost:

DD2 – The Provisioner’s Plight Quest Rewards

400 Experience Points

Dried Fruit (Using this piece of food will recover a fair amount of Health)

900 Gold

If you’re still in the opening hours of
Dragon’s Dogma 2
, receiving those 400 experience points should make you and your Pawns level up, gaining extra attack power, defense, and other stat increases.

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