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Spotted the Hades RNG Cheatreal aura while wandering around? It’s certainly an eye-catcher, with a catchy song alongside it to boot.

Ready to test your luck? Head to the Hades RNG Roblox page! Have a read of our Hades RNG Rarest Auras guide to find out which are rarer than Cheatreal.

Hades RNG Cheatreal

Despite Cheatreal not being the rarest aura in Hades RNG, it’s incredibly sought-after. But why?

Obtaining Cheatreal

It’s a rare aura, so you’re mainly relying on luck for this one. However, there are some steps you can take to make it just that little bit easier. Crafting certain Gwa Gwa items such as the Binary Gwa Gwa (or any of the others) can give you a neat luck boost!

The power of the boost depends on which Gwa Gwa you craft, but you can also increase your luck even more by finding a Pray item. The latter is a discoverable item on the map that provides you with a randomly generated luck boost between 1 and 777. Check out our Hades RNG Pray guide to find out more!

About Cheatreal

It’s the fourth-rarest aura in the game, with a drop rate chance of 1 in 2,000,000. It’s the first aura in Hades RNG that has a drop chance in the millions – at least as of right now! The song that plays while having this aura equipped is ‘Cheatreal’ by t+pazolite, which is a great song if I may add.

The visuals are amazing for the aura, making it one of the best in-game in my opinion. If you’re averse to flashing lights though, this one might not be for you. It flashes different colours as you float in the middle, with 3 orbs floating around you. Stars flash alongside random beams of lights at the top.

There’s a circle hovering above your character that expands with the beat of the music and the spikes around the large circle on the ground get taller as the music gets more intense. In short, this aura’s animations respond to the song that plays!

The animation that plays when you obtain Cheatreal is a glowing rainbow-coloured star that spins and twinkles – if you see this, you’ll definitely know which aura you’ve obtained!

Cheatreal Moves

As combat isn’t properly implemented into Hades RNG just yet, we don’t know which moves the Cheatreal aura comes with. With it being a rare aura, it will more than likely have some powerful abilities to wield in battle.