How to Get Golden Animal Crackers

Farming is one of the main draws of Stardew Valley, allowing you to grow a multitude of different crops, as well as take care of animals like cows and chickens to produce products for you to sell. However, farming can be very tedious and difficult if you don’t have the proper equipment to speed up the process.

In Version 1.6, Golden Animal Crackers were added, which can allow you to get double the amount of product from one of your farm animals. This will make it much easier for you to make a profit and develop additional artisan goods. Here’s how you can get yourself some Golden Animal Crackers.


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How to Unlock Golden Animal Crackers in Stardew Valley

Image of the amount of mastery in the main menu of Stardew Valley

To be able to obtain Golden Animal Crackers, you will first need to focus on increasing your overall mastery. This is a new system introduced in Version 1.6, and the details can be found under the Skills section of the main menu. Here, you will not only see what level each of your skills are at, but you will also see what level of mastery you are at as well.

To increase your mastery, all you will need to do is continue honing each of your skills, like doing a bit of fishing, or tending to your crops and farm animals. You can also buy some Skill Books from the Bookseller when they appear two times each month.

To unlock Golden Animal Crackers, you’ll need to complete the first level of mastery, which requires you to obtain 10,000 points. If you’ve been playing the game for a while, you’ll most likely be very close to reaching this level, or have already surpassed it. Once you have, you’ll want to make a visit to the Mastery Cave, found in Cindersap Forest, where you can also locate the Big Tree. You can use the above images as a reference to where to find it.

Once inside, you’ll have the chance to choose between 5 Mastery Totems. Each will give different rewards, buffs, and recipes. Head to the one in the middle for farming. If you choose this one, you will now be able to obtain Golden Animal Crackers, an Iridium Scythe, and create the Statue of Blessings.


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How to Get Golden Animal Crackers in Stardew Valley

Now that you’ve unlocked Golden Animal Crackers, you might be wondering where exactly you can pick one up? There are a few different options, including:

The easiest method is through Fishing Treasure Chests, especially since you can go to Willy and purchase a Treasure Hunter to put on your fishing pole, which increases the chances of getting a Treasure Chest while fishing. If you’d like to choose to venture through Skull Cavern, Treasure Rooms will appear at random from any floor above 10.

How to Use Golden Animal Crackers in Stardew Valley

Image of a background of the Mastery Cave and a Golden Animal Cracker in the foreground from Stardew Valley

Once you have yourself a Golden Animal Cracker, you can use it for one thing: give it to one of your farm animals to double the produce they make. The only animals that can’t take this item are pigs. If you want to increase milk, you can give one to a cow or goat. If you want to increase eggs, you can give one to a chicken.

You can choose any animal to give it to, but remember that it only has one use. You can find more than one Golden Animal Cracker, however, so you can continue to hunt for them to upgrade each of your farm animals.

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