How to get Gillsbane in WoW Classic SoD

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Season of Discovery’s unique mechanic players are still figuring out is Runes, and more so the locations throughout Azeroth. One in particular for Warriors will require players to acquire Gillsbane to complete a quest, but where exactly do we find this item in WoW Classic? We’ve got you covered.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery: How to get Gillsbane

WoW Classic has now had a fresh coat of paint with the recently released Season of Discovery, as it has unwrapped a ton of new content for players to sink their teeth into, like new Runes. Runes change how players interact with their classes. Warriors, for example, will need to complete some quests, such as obtaining Gillsbane. This item will be used to obtain the Quick Strike Rune, one of the first you get IN WoW Classic.

If you’re in the market to acquire Gillsbane, you will be tasked with killing Defias Brotherhood members throughout the Westfall region if you’re Alliance. However, if you’re playing on Horde, the Gillsbane isn’t going to be a requirement for your Rune.

We aren’t sure about the exact drop rate for the Gillsbane, but there’s an abundance of Defias Brotherhood NPCs here for players to kill, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble farming them.

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Runes are going to be powerful for every character in WoW Classic SoD, and obtaining the right ones throughout the questing process will be vital for players.

The Warrior Rune players will obtain Quick Strike and perform “A reckless instant melee attack with your two-handed weapon dealing.” This will be a powerful maneuver, which will be incredibly useful for leveling early on, as there are some hard enemies to slaughter throughout the Westfall region.

In the meantime, if you’re leveling throughout Classic World of Warcraft, you’ll also need to complete all the holiday events for the festive period. We’ve got you covered if you want to make some gingerbread cookies in World of Warcraft.