How to Get Galaxy and Infinity Weapons in Stardew Valley

Combat is one of the features that sets Stardew Valley apart from many (but not all) other farming sims. This combat system means you’ll need to find better weapons and not just better tools to master the game. But while you need to upgrade your tools at the blacksmith, you need to find or buy the weapons you use.

This system changed after the 1.5 update to Stardew Valley. Not only can you enchant and improve weapons at the Volcano Forge on Ginger Island, but you can also upgrade what used to be the best weapons in the game, the Galaxy weapons, into a new set of Infinity forms.


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How to Get Galaxy Weapons

farmer with prismatic shard in desert

The first step to getting Infinity weapons is to unlock access to the Galaxy weapons. To do so, you first need access to the Calico Desert by repairing the bus. You get this by completing the Vault Bundles in the Community Center (paying 42,500g in total), or by paying Joja 40,000g to repair the bus directly.

A big landmark in the Calico Desert is a set of three pillars at the top right of the map. Those pillars are the key to getting the Galaxy Sword, and you can get a hint about how to use them by finding all four Dwarf Scrolls and then reading the dwarven tombstone in the Pelican Town graveyard. However, you don’t have to read this hint to collect the sword.

To get the Galaxy Sword, find a Prismatic Shard and bring it to the center of the three pillars. Prismatic Shards are some of the rarest items in the game, and your best odds of obtaining one are from breaking open a mystic stone in the Skull Cavern, Volcano Dungeon, or Level 100+ in the mines. You also have a 4% chance of getting one from an iridium node or a Skull Cavern treasure room. Certain enemies can also drop Prismatic Shards, but the odds of this happening are 1% or lower.

Once you have a Prismatic Shard, all you have to do is make it the active inventory item (so your character is holding it above their head), then walk into the center of the three pillars. A short cutscene will play, and the Prismatic Shard will turn into the Galaxy Sword.

Stardew Valley Galaxy Guild

Once you get a Galaxy Sword from the Calico Desert pillars, you can find new inventory items at the Adventurer’s Guild shop. Marlon now sells the Galaxy Sword for 50,000g, the Galaxy Dagger for 35,000g, and the Galaxy Hammer for 75,000g. These follow the same general rules as other weapons: the dagger is faster but deals less damage and has less reach, and the hammer has more reach and knockback but is slower and crits less often.


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How to Get Galaxy Souls

Stardew Valley Galaxy Soul Shop

Now that you have a Galaxy weapon, the next step to getting an Infinity weapon is to collect three Galaxy Souls. These aren’t easy to get. In the first place, you need to find 100 golden walnuts on Ginger Island to access Mr. Qi’s Walnut Room on the west end of the island.

Once there, you can take on special Mr. Qi challenges similar to the special requests board back in town. The reward for each challenge is some Qi Gems, which you can spend in a special shop on the right side of the room. With 40 Qi Gems, you can purchase one Galaxy Soul. That means you’ll need 120 total Qi Gems to upgrade one Galaxy weapon.

You can also find Galaxy Souls in the Dangerous version of the Mines and the Skull Cavern. You activate these by accepting the “Danger in the Deep” and “Skull Cavern Invasion,” or by activating the Shrine of Challenge on floor 120 of the Mines after beating “Danger in the Deep” at least once. Monsters in the Dangerous dungeons sometimes drop Galaxy Souls, but the odds are incredibly low.

Finally, after you defeat 50 monsters that only appear during these quests, you can buy Galaxy Souls from the Island Trader on the last day of each season for 10 Radioactive Bars. Radioactive Ore only comes from radioactive nodes, which can appear on any floor of the Dangerous Mines and the Dangerous Skull Cavern.


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How to Forge the Infinity Weapons

Stardew Valley Infinity Forge

When you have three Galaxy Souls, you should bring them (along with a Galaxy weapon and 60 Cinder Shards) to the Volcano Forge. Cinder Shards are a relatively common drop in the Volcano Dungeon, and they also appear in special cinder nodes. You’ll need to forge the Galaxy Souls into the Galaxy weapon one at a time, and each forging costs 20 Cinder Shards. Only after the third forging will the Galaxy weapon upgrade into an Infinity weapon. Here’s what you get for each one:




Level 13 Damage: 60-80 Speed: +4

Level 17 Damage: 80-100 Speed: +4 Defense: +2


Level 8 Damage: 30-40 Speed: +1 Crit Chance: +1 Weight: +5

Level 16 Damage: 50-70 Speed: +1 Defense: +3 Crit Chance: +4 Weight: +5


Level 12 Damage: 70-90 Speed: +2 Weight: +5

Level 17 Damage: 100-120 Speed: +2 Defense: +1 Weight: +5

Once you completely upgrade a Galaxy weapon into an Infinity weapon, you can enchant and upgrade it the same as any other weapon. Also, any upgrades and enchantments you already applied to the Galaxy weapon will stick around on the Infinity version.

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