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Like any monster collection game worth its salt, Tales of Tanorio has some powerful legendary Tanorians up its sleeve. Read on for our guide on how to get Flowither in Tales of Tanorio: the very first of these.

Tales of Tanorio is a monster catching MMO on the Roblox platform. Recapturing the childhood joy of hunting down Pokemon with friends, it brings a rich world and full voice acting to the table. It also features an elusive legendary Tanorian, Flowither. With this guide, you’ll catch your own in no time.

You can dive into Tales of Tanorio on Roblox right now. For more on the game, check out our Tales of Tanorio Mount Tier List.

How To Get Flowither In Tales Of Tanorio

In this guide, we’ll cover where you can find Flowither. We’ll also discuss how you can catch one to add it to your team.

Flowither Location

Flowither is located in an area of the map called Kaigan Cliffs. To make any progress in this area, you’ll need the Vine Climb ability, which you receive after defeating Dylan, the game’s second Gym Leader. After climbing the first vine, you’ll cross a bridge with a trainer right after. Turn right here, and on the edge of the cliff you should see an alcove with a red vine running down it. Click on it to descend to the platform below.

From here, hug the wall to your right and make your way over to the cave opening. Enter, and you’ll find yourself face-to-face with Flowither.

Catching Flowither

Flowither is a Grass/Ghost type Tanorian. When you encounter it here, it will also have a Dandylion under its control, which will help it out in the fight. Both of these are Grass types, so bring along a Fire type if you want an easier time whittling down their health.

Unlike legendary Pokemon, you can’t actually catch Flowither in this initial battle. Instead, once you defeat it here, it becomes available as a random encounter anywhere in the game world. If you encounter it there you can catch it. Your chances of finding it are just 1 in 1,000, however, so be prepared for a long search.