How to Get Fire Monks Summon Spirit

Although Fire Monks can be serious opponents in many Elden Ring locations, one of them can side with you as a summon spirit. An ancient monk, who had been monitoring and guarding the Giants’ Flame for many years, could not resist its beauty and surrendered to the fire, leaving behind only ashes. But the monk’s soul continues to burn in the ashes, somewhere deep in the Giants’ Mountaintop depths.

Having acquired Fire Monk Ashes, you can summon the spirit of a mighty warrior with high physical strength and mastery of the fire element. Fortunately, getting this spirit is relatively easy if you know where to look.


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How to Find Fire Monk Ashes in Elden Ring

Fire Monk Ashes in Elden Ring

To get Fire Monks Summon Spirit in Elden Ring, players need to travel to the Giants’ Mountaintop area. Fire Monk Ashes is in the deepest tiers of the local catacombs, so finding this place is not easy. Therefore, follow the steps described below, and you will achieve your goal:

  • Take Zamor Ruins as a starting point and head in a northeast direction.
  • Once you pass several small ruined buildings, you will notice a hunched statue next to a lone tree on the edge of a cliff.
  • Go up in the direction where the statue’s hands point and go through a small hole in the rock.
  • When you see a bridge in the distance, turn right near the first enemy on the cliff and go down a little lower. It will lead you to the entrance to the catacombs.
  • Go straight down the corridor and turn right at the first fork.
  • Go down the steps and straight along the corridor until you notice a lever.
  • By using the lever, you will activate the elevator mechanism and can use it to go deeper.
  • After leaving the elevator platform, activate the new lever and wait for the elevator to rise to the top.
  • Another elevator platform will appear in front of you, standing on which you can go down to the lowest level of the catacombs.
  • Go straight down the corridor, being careful of two frost breath traps along the way. You can disable them simply by hitting them once.
  • After going into the last room, you will have to defeat the stone guard, after which you can pick up the Fire Monk Ashes from the chest.


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How to Use Fire Monks Summon Spirit

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To use Fire Monk Ashes and summon a spirit, players will have to spend 85 FP, which is a relatively low price compared to other spirits. But in return, you get a powerful ally against one target. Thanks to its great flaming sword, Fire Monk Spirit can deal massive physical and fire damage. In addition, this ally has decent defense stats, and its health exceeds the 1,500 mark.

Of course, this spirit may not be the best choice for fighting a crowd or enemies with fire resistance. But if you’re up against Wildlife Creatures, Miranda Sprout, and Fingercreeper, or going up against bosses like Putrid Avatar or Cleanrot Knight, Fire Monk Spirit can be a great choice.