How To Get Dribble in Blade Ball

The new Dribble ability has arrived in Blade Ball, one of the best abilities we’ve seen added to the game. You can use this ability to make opponents slip up, causing a lot more wins than you’d think. We’ll show you how to get the dribble ability below.

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How to Get the Dribble Ability in Blade Ball

To get the Dribble ability in Blade Ball, you need to land on all three Epic Raffle prizes. So you use Christmas spins to get these three items:

  • Winged Blade
  • Christmas Blade
  • Infinity
Image: Try Hard Guides

Best Way to Use The Dribble Ability in Blade Ball

The smartest way to do this is to get into a clash with someone. If you and them go back and forth, they’ll start getting used to the speed the ball gets back to them. From there, get closer because dribbling isn’t as effective from long range. When you’re a bit close, dribble the ball, making them think it’s coming and leading to an early block. This will leave them open to a hit.

You only need to use the ability once per clash, and taking out an opponent will give you another dribble, so it’s better only to use two if you have to.

What Is the Dribble Ability in Blade Ball?

The Dribble Ability lets you bounce the ball back down to the ground, like dribbling a basketball. That may not seem like much, but it’s actually a huge boon. You can make sure to look around and aim with the extra time you get dribbling the ball.

It claims to make you faster, but we haven’t seen a difference in speed. Instead, we’ve noticed that it normally makes players try to send it back too quickly since they’re used to the constant back and forth. Dribbling ruins the pattern and will often lead to beating opponents.

You can use it at most twice, with the ability recharging as you take out opponents. It’s one of the more limited abilities, but it’s pretty powerful in terms of making enemies think the ball is coming before it is, so it’s kind of overpowered.

Can You Upgrade Dribble in Blade Ball?

Yes, interestingly, you can. You can upgrade it to V2, which makes it power up more, leading to more uses.

What Does the Dribble Upgrade Do?

Upgrading Dribble just gives you the ability to dribble the ball more. The speed has also improved slightly, but the more noticeable change is being able to dribble a third time.