How to get Dr. Ratio for free in Honkai Star Rail

As a token of appreciation for its success in 2023, Honkai Star Rail is giving away a free 5-star character, Dr. Ratio for free.

Honkai Star Rail: Who is Dr. Ratio

Image: HoYoverse

Dr. Ratio is the latest and upcoming 5-star character of Honkai Star Rail. He is one of the members of the Intelligentsia Guild. He is going to make his debut in the game as the sixth member of The Hunt Path. If the character follows the typical traits of the path, he will be one of the best characters to pick for single-target attacks during combat. Dr. Ratio uses Imaginary-type attacks, making him only the third 5-star character to use this type of attack after Dan Heng and Luocha.

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How to get Dr. Ratio in Honkai Star Rail

As per announcements made in the Honkai Star Rail 1.6 Livestream, Dr. Ratio will be given to all eligible players for free during the second phase of version 1.6. HoYoverse is giving away this 5-star character as a token of appreciation to the community for helping Honkai Star Rail win three major awards in 2023: TGA 2023 Best Mobile Game, 2023 iPhone Game of the Year, and Google Play Best Game of 2023.

Dr. Ratio will appear in players’ mailboxes when the character is released during the Panta Rhei Banner event. This means players can obtain this character for free starting January 17, 2024. HoYoverse will be sending a free copy of this character to all eligible players till the end of version 2.1.

However, to be eligible to receive the reward, you will need to unlock the mailbox first. To unlock the mailbox in Honkai Star Rail, you must complete The Blue — A Moment of Peace Trailblaze Mission. This is the third Trailblaze Mission of Honkai Star Rail, so you most likely have already completed it if you have a decent progression in the game.

While you wait to obtain Dr. Ratio for free in Honkai Star Rail, learn how to defeat Cirrus in HSR, one of the many bosses that you can beat with the new character.